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Igga tips three state bosses to tackle insecurity

By William Madouk


Vice President for Economic Cluster, Dr. James Wani Igga, urged governors of Western and Central Equatoria States, as well as Pibor Chief Administrator, to tackle simmering insecurity in their respective regions.

Igga, who is also the first deputy chairman of the ruling party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), was speaking on Monday at swearing-in of Gen. Augustino Jadallah Kamilo Wani, Elia Richard Box, and Gola Boyoi Gola, as state SPLM chairpersons.

He hinted that the first matter to face Jadallah, Box, and Gola was the simmering insecurity.

“Firstly, and it is the most important, is the security; in Western Equatoria, Cde Box, you have two counties that are still embroiled in fighting up to now, and so many people have fled those counties,” Igga said.

He challenged the deputy governor of Western Equatoria State and the SPLM chairman in the state to think outside the box.

“My brother, make sure we reach there; you have to start work and restore the security with the help of the NGOs and our organized forces, the SSPDF. You will have to think outside the box so that you restore security in Western Equatoria,” he urged.

Igga emphasized that the restoration of security would allow refugees to return and partake in the upcoming elections.

Besides, VP Igga underlined that Central Equatoria State is grappling with rebels in the bushes that rock havoc along highways, and he directed Governor Jadallah to take security matters seriously and bring about tranquility.

“Central Equatoria State is also facing insecurity, but of a different type—a type where we have rebels in the bushes that block roads and do other things, and they force our people to flee the areas,” he explained.

“Cde Augustino Jadallah, you will face these issues, and the citizens are expecting that issue to be your first priority because you cannot do anything without security,” he echoed.

Turning to Gola, the first deputy chairman of SPLM, disclosed that most chief administrators got relieved because they failed to get a job well done.

“In regard to Pibor, in terms of security, Cde Gola, tighten your belt well. For the chief administrator to reach one year is like a miracle; otherwise, they are relieved every six months,” Igga stated.

He asked Gola to figure out how to handle insecurity in the Greater Pibor region and turn adamant youth energy into service delivery, education, and building road networks in the area.

“Ask yourself what is happening and close that hole. Let Pibor not be like Warrap; if you see our beloved Warrap governor reaching a year, that means that person is strong because of the issue of insecurity,” Igga emphasized.

“So, Cde Gola, try your best, especially with your youth, and do ventures so that Pibor will get a chance for service delivery, including education, road network, and health,” he encouraged.

The VP highlighted that the only cure for insecurity in the country is comprehensive disarmament.

“We don’t disarm; let us not shout; that is the door of insecurity. There is no country where everyone in the area has a gun—where are we? A country will be in a mess, and these are things that take us backward” Igga echoed.

He cited that humanitarian aid and investors are running away because of the rampant insecurity.



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