By Very Rev. Nathaniel Garang Aduotdiit


The purpose of our existence is for the service of God.

Some years ago, I had an accident where two people died on the spot. I as well gave off the ghost. I didn’t actually know where I was until a brother who also involved in the accident came to his senses and started calling out my name, then I just raised my head up from the bush. I wasn’t conscious of that; it was him that told me later. Eventually, the police who were eye witness quickly rushed to the scene and carried us to the nearest government hospital in Lagos. It happened around Palmgroove Lagos.

Thanks to the Nigerian police and Lagos state govt hospital for the free treatment.

I only gained consciousness while in the police van taking us to the hospital. I then asked, where are we going to? They just calmed me down. It dawned on me when the van parked at the hospital entrance. Everyone was afraid when I said they shouldn’t help me that I was going to enter the hospital hall myself, because my condition was so bad but I wasn’t really feeling it then. I came down from the van and went into the hospital.

The nurses looking at me were afraid. Even my co-victim asked them to quickly attend to me first, because my neck has swollen like two person’s neck.

What baffled the nurse was that, as much as I was injured in the head, I was still able to control myself. A bruise in the head, another one close to the eye, another one in my ear that caused bleeding in my mouth, and the neck alone is scarily swollen, then other parts of the body. The head was the most affected.

I wanted to visit the toilet myself, the nurses disagreed that I must not go because of my condition, but I wasn’t feeling it as such. (Smiles) They said I may not feel it now. So, an apparatus was brought for me to urinate in, while on the bed. All to the glory of God, my healing was very fast thus what the nurses testified to it.

And if you see me, you cannot know I once had an accident even on several parts of my head. All to the glory of God.

The Lord made me to understand that He had to send me back because of His purpose for my life. And that is the purpose of my existence.

Why are you alive?

What is the purpose of your existence?

To serve the Lord.


The new king thought these people will become mightier, so he tortured them and ordered their male child be killed. However, that didn’t stop their multiplication and purpose. Exodus 1:12 said… “But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel.”

The purpose still spared the life of the baby, Moses in chapter 2.

And God used different incidences to build Moses in order to fulfil this purpose thus that He took him out with an incidence to where He would empower him and brought him back. (Imagine a murderer who absconded now come back to waged war and instructed the king buoyantly. Who does that?! You they wanted! It can only be God-behind the scene.)

Now the purpose of which the Lord created the Israelites had to come to pass. These people have to ‘serve Me.’ Pharaoh and his people cannot keep these people -Israelites from fulfilling their purposes of existence. And that was the single reason God had to spare the life of Moses. Now it is time that these people must fulfil the purpose.

_Exodus 9:1….

“Then the LORD said unto Moses, go in unto Pharaoh, and tell him, thus said the LORD God of the Hebrews, let my people go, that they may serve me.”

Remember a king also wanted to kill the baby Jesus and God spared him because of His purpose on earth.

Matthew 2:16-18.

On several accounts, they tried to kill Jesus even while fulfilling His purpose but they couldn’t because he had to fulfil the purpose. So, Jesus was existing because of the purpose which God has brought Him to serve.

Until He fulfilled the purpose before God allowed Him to be killed on-purpose even if it wasn’t palatable. What was written has to be fulfilled. At a point, the killing was time to come up and Jesus pleaded God for it not to happen. But as well submitted to the Will of God which He too knew must happen. He knew it’s time. He knew His existence on earth is clocked. He has served God and He was fulfilled. In Matthew 26:39, He quested and submitted thus- “He went a little farther and fell on His face, and prayed, saying, ‘O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will’”

Jesus’ death was on purpose. He has pre-informed them about it in John 14:1-6. And on several occasions.

Your purpose of existence is your purpose of service to God.

Brothers and Sisters, why are you existing?

Why are you alive?

Why hasn’t God allowed those incidences that happened to you take your life?

Remember you were at the verge of death, but here you are now.

Remember how that sickness was tough and you thought it would lead to death.

Remember you were nobody but here you are today.

Remember they said and it actually looked you won’t amount to anything but here you are.

Why are you still alive?

It’s to serve the Lord. If you don’t serve the Lord, then your existence is dangerous. You are at danger. You are taking liberty for granted. You are giving chance to the devil. Anything can happen anytime. You are living a very dangerous life. What if that life ends now? What if the world ends now? What if Jesus should come now? What account will you give? An excuse that they didn’t allow you to fulfil it? Is that welcome at judgment? Imagine if the growing Moses and the likes played with their lives. Are you thinking there is still time, saying tomorrow I will serve the Lord? Do you know how many years or months or weeks left in your account to live? Do you actually know tomorrow? Do you know how many years God has planned your life to dwell in the purpose of your life? God took some years to develop Moses. And eventually empowered him at the burning bush. Did you know how many years God built him and how many years he dwelled in the service till death? The empowerment period was just short. But he has been built in character of fighting for his people for a long time before the empowerment. At first the period of being bred, trained and nurtured at the enemies’ palace was on purpose. All the stages of his life were on purpose. If he had chosen another thing in his life, he would have missed the purpose. He would have missed the period of empowerment. He would have missed destiny. Don’t joke with the stages of your life. Learn from every stage. Walk with the Lord, He designed everything. Serve Him, through which He will lead you right. Your service to God is a link to your purpose on earth. Its fulfilment is in it.

John 15 explains that we cannot do anything or fulfil this purpose out of Him but only in Him.

When will you start making impacts in life? You’re serving the Lord is for people not just to wake up and pray every day.

Apostle Paul discovered his purpose and was on point till death. At a point, he said…”Woe unto me if I don’t preach the gospel” 1 Corinthians 9:16.

What impact are you making on humanity? The Lord is asking you this morning, what is your service to the Lord and humanity?

Hello! There is a reason for your existence, don’t abuse it. Many people are right now in the hell, yelling and pleading to come back and live right again even if it’s for 1 minute. They have now discovered that judgment is based on what you do on earth not after death. But no more grace for them. You still have the grace now. Live right. Stop abusing the grace.

Let’s pray….

Lord Jesus, I accept I have wasted my time away from you. I come to you to help me live on purpose. Have mercy on me. Forgive me all of my sins (mention them as you can remember). I forsake them all. I promise never to go back to them. I give my life to you as my Lord and personal Savior. Save my soul. Help me to live right. Help me Lord to fulfil purpose. Bring me back to your path. Give me the grace to serve you all my life. Amen.

I pray for you; may the Lord grant you the grace never to look back. Amen

May He show you your purpose as you seek His face in prayers henceforth in Jesus’ name? Amen.

Thank God you are now back on your feet. Go to church this morning and begin to serve Jesus wholeheartedly. You don’t need to wait till you have money. You will have it. But go first. That is most important. Jesus is waiting for you.

Remember, the purpose of your existence is the purpose of your service to God.


 The author is writer on biblical idea and CEO of Faith based Development initiative organization Juba

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