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Two people killed in Rumbek Counties

By Yang Ater Yang


At least two people have been killed at two sperate cases in Rumbek Central and East Counties of Lakes state.

According to the State Police Spokesman, Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac, in the first incident, a young man was shot dead at Abut cattle camp after a night stunt with a girl.

“The man reportedly sneaked into a girl’s hut and her relatives saw him leaving early in the morning. The girl’s brother allegedly shot the man, who was unarmed,” Maj. Makuac, said.

Police are investigating the incident and searching for the suspect.

The deceased’s relatives are awaiting the government’s next steps, and Maj. Makuac stated that the security situation returned to calm after the gunfire.

The second incident involved accident shooting and wounding, at Cuei-cok Payam, Rumbek East County, the police spokesperson stated.

“A man was cleaning his rifle when it discharged, wounding a relative,” Maj. Makuac disclosed adding that “the shooter fled but was later apprehended.”

The state police authorities emphasized the importance of proper gun handling.

“These incidents highlight the dangers of untrained individuals possessing firearms. Guns have specific safety protocols, and cleaning requires following those precautions,” Maj. Makuac explained.

He urged locals to consider surrendering illegal firearms.

“The government offers protection, and responsible gun ownership is crucial. If you have a gun, handle it safely, or surrender it to the authorities” the police spokesperson urged.


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