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Oyet questions supplementary budget delay

By Bida Elly David


A heated debate erupted in the National Parliament on Tuesday regarding the delayed supplementary national budget demanded from the finance ministry.

The Ministry of Finance was initially tasked by Parliament to draft a supplementary budget to address public sector needs (including elections and salary improvement) but has not presented it to Parliament.

First Deputy Speaker Nathaniel Oyet Pierino accused the executive branch of the government of delaying the budget intentionally, jeopardizing crucial pre-election activities.

“Up to date, the supplementary budget did not arrive at the parliament… Until today we have not seen the supplementary budget neither did the president mention it in the speech” Oyet questioned. “Is the government going for elections when the budget to execute it in South Sudan is not there?”

In response, Finance Minister Awow Daniel Chuang denied intentional delay.

He attributed the delay to previous discussions within the Council of Ministers and the recent parliamentary recess.

Minister Chuang assured Parliament that a new budget, encompassing both supplementary and election needs, will be presented this week.

“The supplementary budget indeed started earlier on and to be composed… Because the parliament was on recess and the time was going very fast, it was really left and the new budget is now almost ready” he said.

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