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Rezigat community rejects blood compensation

By Hou Akot Hou


Peace representatives from the Sudan Arab nomad Rezigat community have refused blood money compensation following the death of an Arab man near the South Sudan-Sudan border in April.

South Sudanese peace committee secretary Majok Dengdit, stationed in Gok-Machar, said they attempted to offer South Sudanese Pounds worth 25 cows (over 5 million SSP) to the victim’s family.

However, the Rezigat representatives rejected the cash, stating they preferred a different form of compensation.

Dengdit expressed concern over the refusal, as local accords traditionally dictate monetary compensation for such cases.

“Our agreements say blood compensation should be in cash,” Dengdit explained. “This refusal raises questions about their motives.”

He cautioned against violating the peace agreements, despite occasional breaches by “unscrupulous people” along the border.

Background on Local Accords

The Dinka Malual, Rezigat, and Misseriya communities have established long-standing local agreements regarding cattle migrations southward.

These agreements aim to prevent violence like the recent border incident that left one Sudanese nomad dead allegedly killed by a South Sudanese People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) soldier.



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