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Unity State governor vows to strengthen legal system

By Charles K Mark


New governor of Unity State, Riek Biem Tap Long, pledged to address lawlessness in the state by establishing a strong legal system.

Governor Biem, drawing on his background in law, expressed his intention to prioritize the establishment of a court to prosecute anyone who violates the law.

He suggested that utilizing the law would be one of his approaches to addressing insecurity in Unity State and its neighboring areas.

“In my career as a lawyer, if somebody commits a crime, there is a forum where crimes are discussed. It is a justice sector. I was told there is no judge and no high court within the state. This is going to be my priority,” Biem spoke during a reception after being sworn in.

“Whoever commits a crime against individuals, against a child, against a woman, this person must be prosecuted by the law,” he stressed.

Mr. Biem said he must settle the insecurity in the state in order to allow citizens to embark on development.

He emphasized that development without security cannot be realistic since the same situation can destroy development.

For her part, Anna Samuel Pam, a member of parliament in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly and a women representative for Unity, welcomed the appointment of the new governor.

She urged the new governor to focus on supporting women at the grassroots.

“Give land to everyone, especially women in Unity State, so that they can settle and cultivate food for their children,” Pam appealed.

Governor Riek Biem Tap Long replaced a long-serving governor, Dr. Joseph Nguen Monytuil, who was unexpectedly decreed out of office by the president recently.

Monytuil has held the governorship of Unity State since June 2020 as part of the 2018 revitalized peace agreement.





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