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Kiir accepts Greater Equatoria endorsement

By Kidega Livingstone


President Salva Kiir Mayardit has accepted his endorsement by Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party, Greater Equatoria chapter as the sole party flag bearer for the December 2024 general election.

Addressing the gathering on Saturday at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum, Kiir, said his endorsement reflects the Equatoria region’s long commitment and contribution to the SPLM during the liberation struggle.

“This endorsement is an honor not only for me but for the SPLM members across this country. On behalf of SPLM members, I have accepted this endorsement because it reflects the Equatoria region’s long commitment to the SPLM party for the effort during our difficult time,” he expressed.

“In the 1980s, it was here in Equatoria region that we regrouped and reorganized ourselves and fought back against the enemy. We were able to do that because people in this region and the communities welcomed and supported us in recovering from the setback we had on the battlefield,” Kiir added.

Governor of Central Equatoria State, Augustino Jadalla Wani, said the endorsement of President Salva Kiir was a historical event in the Greater Equatoria States because it marked the beginning of SPLM democracy in the region and throughout South Sudan.

“The people of Central Equatoria State have waited for this day to come for you to rule the country as the son of our revolution and lead them as the President of the Nation,” Governor Jadalla stated.

Eastern Equatoria State Governor, Louis Lobong Lojore, noted that the endorsement should have been done since last year, after the SPLM in the Greater Equatoria approached President Kiir to be given an endorsement.

He said the president has done better by accepting the request of the Greater Equatoria Region to endorse him.

“My appreciation goes to all the SPLM members from the State County and Bomas for mobilizing the people in the shortest time with little resources; if not because of the farming and rainy season, this place should not be enough for people,” Lobong exclaimed.

For his part, the Deputy Governor of Western Equatoria State, Elia Richard Box, who is the state SPLM party chairman, said the people of Western Equatoria State are waiting for the voting time to give President Kiir all their votes.

“Western Equatoria State is willing to vote for President Kiir as their new president in the upcoming general elections, and we are standing only to vote for him,” he said.



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