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Kiir directs economic taskforce to address crisis

By Kidega Livingstone


President Salva Kiir Mayardit has instructed government institutions and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party’s economic task force to focus on improving the country’s economy.

Kiir gave these instructions during the Greater Equatoria SPLM rally, where he was endorsed as the sole party flag bearer for the December 2024 general election.

He urged SPLM supporters to remain patient and united while the government works to address the economic challenges.

Kiir emphasized the need for the government to work together to overcome the current economic hardships.

The SPLM party chairman urged all members and government institutions to focus on and support agriculture, saying South Sudan has arable land and enough rainfall to support good production.

“To this effect, the SPLM economic taskforce has taken the following measures: one, authorize investment in the agricultural sector through agricultural banks, two, empower local companies in order to supply basic commodities to bring prices down in the market” Kiir stated.

“And thirdly calling upon the Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet) and its partners to expedite the oil refinery operations,” he continued.

The head of state appealed to the citizens not to listen to the ‘white men’ and those in the diaspora who are predicting that there is going to be election-related violence.

“I want to tell you what the white men are saying and those citizens in the diaspora that there is going to be war; don’t listen to them that people will fight and people will create conflict; that is what they want. So, I am urging you to be patient and calm,” Kiir echoed.

Currently, the citizens are grappling with a serious economic crisis characterized by hyperinflation, characterized by the continuous depreciation of the South Sudanese pesos against the US dollar and the hike in market prices, sending poor citizens near the grave.

SPLM Secretary General Peter Lam Both recently said the government must address the economic hardship and provide services for the citizens.

Lam said the war in neighboring Sudan has greatly affected the economic situation in the country, which mainly relies on oil production as a source of revenue.

“As the government, we must address the economic situation, unite our people, and provide services for our citizens,” he said.

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