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Vulnerable groups receive food donations in Lakes State

By Yang Ater Yang


New Life Ministries in Lakes State distributed 859 cartoons of rice to disabled persons, orphans, and trained church leaders.

The support was provided by the partner organization Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) and was donated by the UNTO America organization.

Abraham Majak, the coordinator of New Life Ministries in Lakes State, explained that this was the second time in the last two years that he has distributed the same food items to the same disabled people, who were mixed in with other vulnerable groups.

“We are working with disabled people, schools, and even the churches,” Majak said.

He stated that the 859 cartoons of rice were distributed for training church leaders and various vulnerable groups.

“I have distributed 150 cartoons to an orphanage school, and this will help them with their training,” Majak said. “We also distributed one cartoon, which contains 36 pieces of food items, to two disabled people, and they shared it among themselves as their meals.”

Majak expressed gratitude to the UNTO organization in America, who are partners with the New Life Ministry. He appealed for more donations to help meet the various needs of the people in Lakes State.

Emmanuel Monyping Riak, representative of the Council of Churches, said that the Church is always concerned about supporting disabled people who are unable to work or care for themselves.

Riak mentioned that the council collaborates with organizations like Samaritan’s Purse through the churches to assist the disabled.

Hellena Ayen Mager, a beneficiary of the food distribution, expressed her gratitude to God and the South Sudan Council of Churches for providing 150 cartoons of food items.

She said, “We have been without food for the last two days, but now we will have something to eat at home, and we are very grateful and thankful to Almighty God for this support.”


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