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Aweil West residents get network connectivity

By Hou Akot Hou


Last week, residents of Nyinboli in Aweil West County celebrated the installation of a new Zain telecommunication network, which has revived hope and connectivity in the area.

The lack of reliable telecommunication services has long been a challenge for the people of Nyinboli, who reside in the peripheries near the borders with Raja and Western Darfur.

Abuk Deng, a local resident, expressed her excitement, saying, “Life is too hard, but with the Zain network, we can now communicate with our relatives both within the state and across the globe.”

The new network, which will initially operate using solar power, is expected to significantly improve the lives of the local population.

Zecharia Garang Lual, the Northern Bahr El Gazal Information Minister, emphasized the importance of providing information services to underserved communities.

“The opening of Zain network will be supportive a lot as areas surrounding Nyinboli which is far-flung from the state headquarters and is situated in peripheries of Raja and Western Darfur will be extremely relieved from all sorts of bondage they might have gone through,” e outlined.

Lual said the ministry plans to collaborate with other telecommunication companies, such as MTN, to expand the network coverage and ensure the state is fully connected.

This move is crucial in addressing insecurity issues, as the ability to relay information quickly can help prevent and respond to incidents.

Many parts of South Sudan remain disconnected, leading to communication breakdowns that sometimes contribute to the rise of insecurity and economic challenges, as relatives are unable to respond to emergencies due to the absence of communication channels.

The installation of the Zain network in Nyinboli is a significant step towards improving the lives of the local residents, providing them with the necessary tools to stay connected, access information, and respond to emergencies more effectively.


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