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I catch lions’ tails, it is my job

Telling people the truth is more troublesome than catching a lion’s tail. When you catch a lion’s tail, it is as if you have slapped the Chief of Defense Force’s face. If you survive it, you will always be a self-employed advisor on discipline.

It is rare to get a lion to catch its tail, but it is common to tell people the truth. Some people have grown old without seeing a lion physically.

A person who has chosen to tell the truth must have a fully functional adrenal gland. He should always get prepared for flight or fight. When you tell people the truth, they feel bitter to such an extent they can plot an assassination against you. People know what you tell them is the truth but they do not want it told. They want it untold.

The worst act of all is that, someone can admit the mistake you have told him to correct, but still, he victimises you. What for? Because of the fear of being victimized, a lot of people fear of telling the truth. Not me! I do not belong to those who fear telling the truth. I have chosen to tell the truth and face whatever price I should pay for it. If the price I should pay for it is death, then so be it.

Though you hit someone’s head with a stick, it would not pain him the same way it would pain him when you hit his head with the truth. Truth hurts, but deception hurts more. In a society where people fear telling the truth, it is always hard for such a society to move on the right path.

South Sudan is forcing people to avoid telling the truth. It is not good to victimize people who tell others the truth. Some people know what they are doing is completely wrong, but when someone with the heart of a nationalist tells them the right thing, they will feel angry and look for ways to eliminate the truth-teller.

A truth-teller always moves at the sight of a sniper. Any time a foolish shooter bangs the trigger, the truth-teller falls down dead. What happens then? The society continues going astray until another person sacrifices to indulge in telling the truth. Truth is a liberator itself. It can liberate a society from the chains of dishonesty, thus opening a wide way for transparency, accountability and enthusiasm.

Whatever the type of victimization the masters of falsehood have for me, I promise I will continue telling the truth. I know they always turn a deaf ear to the truth, but the fact that they hear it is enough to encourage me tell the truth.

Though the truth does not set people free nowadays, the fact that I have no ill intention in telling the truth can set me free. My intention is to see our society moving on the right path, no strings attached. If the lions kill me because I catch their tails, I have no defence.

I know I’m a bad young man to the people who benefit from telling lies and the people who do not want to be told the truth. But I’m the best young man to God the Almighty who says “Tell the truth so that the truth sets you free”. So, why would I abandon telling the truth when the Most High needs people to tell the truth? It is up to people who hate the truth to decide on what to do about me.

If they crucify me like Jesus Christ, I have no other defence than submitting my prayer to God to put me on His right hand. Though I will not resurrect and ascend to heaven like Jesus Christ, I know I will go to paradise.

Thank you for reading “Sowing The Seed Of Truth”.

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