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To avoid mind shutdown

It comes a lovely morning. You have a lot of things to coordinate. You want to call someone to bring the money you lend him/her. You want to call your boss to confirm the time for your mission.

You have a digital flight ticket. It is sent through your email. You would like to check and know when your flight will be. You have a Zoom meeting to attend. You also have a report to write. You run to your phone to get all those things done.  You open the phone. But you are shocked to see the red bar. When you are about to figure out what to do, the phone says, “Battery shutdown.”

Oh, you remember that your computer can help you and you quickly run to your computer. You switch on the computer. Without checking the battery, you start joining the Zoom meeting. As a chair of the meeting, you start reading the agendas and declare the meeting commences. As you are giving your speech and outlines of the meeting, your computer reads, “The battery is low. Switch off your computer before a minute.” When you are about to check the battery, it says, “Battery shutdown.” What could you do? There is no power to charge your devices now. You will miss your money, your mission with your boss, your flight, and definitely, no Zoom meeting!

Can’t you see how important to charge your devices full? You will surely be disappointed if you don’t charge your phone or computer. Every wise person will always charge his/her phone or computer. Failure to charge your devices will mean failure of many of your programs. Can that also explain how important to charge your mind? Keep that question in mind as we journey through this article.

What does it take to charge your phone or computer? You need a charger to charge your phone or computer. A charger plays a great role in keeping your device functioning. You need a charger. What does it take to have a charger? You buy a charger. To have that charger, you must spend your money. You must take the time to buy it. You must use your wisdom to identify the right charger. You know very well that the Infinix charger can’t charge Techno. The right charger brings back your dead device to life. It gives it energy again. There is no strength in your shutdown device without a charger connecting it with the source of energy.

What do you think charge your mind? Don’t you know your mind shuts down like a phone or computer? Imagine you got done with studies twenty years ago? What will keep that knowledge in you? Without visiting any book for twenty years, do you think you will have the same knowledge you had twenty years ago? Here, I argue your mind needs a charger. Can you guess what that charger is? Definitely, it is a book! Without a book, your knowledge is buried! A book keeps your mind fresh and updated. You will never lack knowledge if you love seeing a book. It is sad that many of us ignore the importance of having a book nearby. Many feel ashamed to carry a book. It is my prayer that you take this article as a kindness shown to you.

What does it cost to have a book? You need to buy a book. Do you consider buying a book even once a year? I am sad in this. Why should we have many educated men who can’t read a book? I am very sure that many educated men including professors in our country don’t have shelves in their rooms. You don’t have a shelf in your house, what tells you have gone to school? Do you deny the fact that it is a book which tells you are educated? Is it wise to use the money you have for things which may not charge your mind? Be convinced also that buying a book is the cheapest thing anyone can do. Books are very cheap in our country. Why don’t we buy them? The best answer may be ignorance. We don’t know how important to buy a book. To me that is what I equate the greatest achievement you must have had.  Aren’t you convinced that you just need a book to charge your mind? If you are, please, buy a book today.

As you need the right charger to charge your device, it is not every book that you should buy. You must buy a book that must meet your moral demand. Books are written by people. These people are from different schools of thoughts. Some write out of frustration and it is only their frustrations that you will get in their books. Some writers write are negative in their writings. You read a book, you read the author. You must select wisely what you buy. You use the wrong charger, it is either your device doesn’t charge or its battery gets destroyed. Choose the right book to give new energy to your mind.

You know you need a charger to charge your device. And you have learned you need a book to charge your mind. But is your charger the source of energy? Or does a book automatically charge your mind? A charger connects your device to the source. It is wise to know the source of the energy. You need electricity for the charger to charge your device. Electricity is the renowned source of power for your device. You must count your steps to look for electricity. What uses a book to charge your mind! It is you yourself of course! Without reading a book, the information on it can’t grow wings to fly into your mind. Books are not books if not read. It is sad that many even reading a text message is so big a problem. Just imagine without electricity, will your device get energy? The answer is a big NO.  I hope you are very honest to testify that your device will remain shut down without electricity. Your mind will remain shut down without you reading a book.

A man I knew had a lot of books in his room. But he could not read any of those books the two years we were together. Many of us buy books to advertise our pride. We have understood that the world respects only book lovers. We know the great men of our planet are men whose houses are full of books. Ask yourself now. Do you buy books to show off or do you buy to charge your mind?

Dear friends, reading makes us write. You cannot write without reading.  Writing goes harmoniously with reading.  It is because you don’t read that you don’t write now. I am disappointed that many of our libraries are full of foreign books. Foreigners don’t know our society. They write within their context. They write for the people they know. We need to educate our society through literature. Every society realises the importance of peace when its literature is uplifted. We have a lot to write to educate our society. Let’s read to write.

Reading will keep you learning. Learning is a lifelong process. I am sorry for my educated men and women. Many of them burn their books after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. Many assume that education ends with a bachelor’s degree.  True education is not in the classroom or lecture hall. True education takes place after acquiring all your degrees.  If a PhD holder will continue to read after PhD studies, it means he/she is educated. I have learned from my students.  After getting done with the last exam, they tear their school uniforms, throw away their books and struggle to fight their teachers thinking that they have ended with school. That is the mentality that shuts down our minds.  We have a perception that we finish education. Education can’t be finished! The wise keep learning. They will keep energizing the mind. They acknowledge that they have learned but they need to learn more.

Charging your mind by reading will also make you socialize with the world. We read to experience the lives of other people. Writers write about their experiences. We know well experience teaches us a lot. Writers communicate to us how they feel about the world. We will feel likewise if we read them. Average human beings learn through imitation. We will be successful like them if we read them. We will learn how they dealt with their stresses and depression. Following the same formula, we will be stress-free. Reading makes us live free of stress. It is my stress relief. It should be yours too!

Finally, a reader never lacks what to say in any matter. He/she is able to approach any subject matter. You will hardly defeat a reader in any educative argument. He/she is creative. They think big. They don’t run out of words. They will speak for hours without losing energy. With the knowledge they have acquired from many authors, they live positively. They have understood the lives of everyone. That makes them live positive. They put value to the life of a human being. We are negative towards others because we have not understood them. Let’s read to have the full view of our world. We will always have a word to say.

I hope you find it interesting! Just be kind to yourself today. Buy a book and charge your mind. You will know I love you so much.

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