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South Sudan. Belarus to boost Investment corporation

By Philip Buda Ladu


Council of Ministers has endorsed a memo on boosting bilateral relations and cooperation in various investment fields between South Sudan and Belarus.

Minister of Investment, Dr. Dhieu Mathok Diing presented the memo to the council of ministers, on Friday.

The memo was in regard to Minister, Dhieu Mathok’s February 4–8, 2024, visit to Belarus.

According to Deputy Minister of Information, Jacob Maiju Korok the visit was to establish bilateral relations with Belarus, on investment, agriculture, health, and infrastructure sectors.

“Discussions were specifically on investment opportunities in areas of agriculture, health, and infrastructure,” Korok continued. “And also, to support South Sudan in areas of capacity building and transformation technology.”

“This visit will attract foreign direct investment from the Republic of Belarus to South Sudan and create a communication channel between the government of South Sudan and the government of Belarus,” Mr. Korok highlighted to the media.

Meanwhile, the report was passed after thorough deliberation by the council members for consideration and appropriate action.

In September 2013, just two years after gaining independence, the Republic of South Sudan and Belarus signed a joint communiqué at the Belarusian embassy in Egypt to establish diplomatic relations.

However, due to the conflict, the relationship between the two countries did not progress further.

Earlier this year, Minister Mathok then led a high-level government delegation on an official visit to Belarus. During the visit, the delegation held discussions with the Belarusian government to strengthen bilateral ties and cooperation in various sectors.



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