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Rumbek East bans alcohol sales

By Yang Ater Yang


Rumbek East County commissioner in Lakes State, has banned the sale of all types of alcoholic beverages in the county.

Mr. Mangar Machuol Malok cited concerns about behavioral issues among the youth as the primary reason for the ban.

“We have banned all types of alcohol here because the behavior of young people has become problematic,” Malok said.

“Even though they are generally peaceful, when they consume alcohol, they tend to misbehave. We don’t want this to escalate into something more serious, which is why we have imposed this restriction.”

The commissioner acknowledged that enforcing the ban has been challenging, particularly in remote cattle camps with limited accessibility.

“There have been reports of people still consuming alcohol in some areas, especially in Toch,” Malok said.

“But we are working on it collectively with the organized forces and the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) to eliminate this issue completely.”

Malok stated that the alcohol ban is in line with the Lakes State customary law and public order issued in 2022, which was signed into law by the state governor.

“When you are found violating any of the public orders, you will be fined according to the existing law,” he said.

The commissioner stated that most of the confiscated alcohol is destroyed by the authorities, and that the government is providing support to women who previously relied on alcohol production to support their families.

“We encourage them to explore other economic activities, such as farming, which can be more sustainable and beneficial for the community,” Malok said.

Taban Malual Polic, the paramount chief of Mathiang-kok Payam in Rumbek East County, echoed the commissioner’s sentiments, stating that the community has rejected the brewing, selling, and consumption of alcohol, as it has been linked to disrupting peace and reconciliation efforts.

“The peace in Rumbek East County has been good, but a recent incident where someone consumed alcohol and caused a disturbance is why we have decided to completely ban alcohol in our villages,” he said.

“We will not tolerate any form of alcohol production or consumption, as it brings death and violence to the community.”

The authorities are urging the youth to focus on agriculture and other economic activities that can support the community’s development, rather than relying on alcohol.

“If you are young and have your parents alive, please cultivate the land, as agriculture can provide a better future for our community,” Malual said.

The alcohol ban in Rumbek East County is part of a broader effort to promote stability, peace, and sustainable economic development in the region.

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