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Police detains 11 over violence

By Hou Akot Hou


Police in Twic County in Warrap state, have detained 11 young men accused of involvement in a violent altercation over the weekend.

According to authorities, the group of youths engaged in a physical fight at the Nyin-deng Ayuel checkpoint, resulting in one individual sustaining a stab wound to the stomach.

“We have remanded 11 people who were involved in the fight. Four others fled the scene, and we are working to apprehend them as well,” stated Inspector Abdalla Deng Mou of the local police force.

The injured person, identified as Bol Yach Bol, was not said to be one of the initial instigators but rather attempted to intervene and break up the brawl before being stabbed.

Bol was transported to Mother Teresa Hospital for treatment of his wounds.

Authorities are calling on the public to assist in locating the four remaining suspects at large, in order to fully investigate the incident and restore calm within the community.

“We are appealing to the local population in Twic County to help us find the other four young men who were involved, so we can question them and address this situation,” Deng pleaded.

The police inspector did not disclose details on the specific cause of the altercation between the group of youths.


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