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Futuyo’s aides arrested over counterfeit notes

By Philip Buda Ladu


National Security Service (NSS) Internal Security Bureau (ISB) has arrested officials as suspected people in possession of two money counterfeiting machines and black dollars in Yambio, Western Equatoria state.

Speaking to national broadcaster SSBC, George Luate, the acting Director of Public Relations at the National Security Service Internal Security Bureau, stated that the three suspects were found in possession of more than 100 bundles of counterfeit US dollars and South Sudanese pounds.

Luate further revealed that the surveillance security team that travelled to Yambio also discovered two locally manufactured counterfeit machines, as well as a new shipment of counterfeiting equipment, including a printer.

According to Luate, the suspects are key administrators and close aides in the office of the state governor, Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba.

They include Brig. Gen. William Juma Jamal, a chief administrator in the governor’s office; Alex Martin, the private secretary of Governor Futuyo; and the third, only identified as Mr. Peter.

The apprehended suspects were brought to Juba for further investigation to facilitate possible measures against the criminal rings in the state, Luate said.

He assured of the Internal Security Bureau’s commitment to intensify surveillance efforts to break down illegal operations of money laundering across the state.

In response, the office of the Governor distanced Alfred Futuyo Karaba’s involvement in the deal.

In a statement, Alex Daniel Digi, the press secretary for Governor Futuyo, commended the NSS for its efforts in safeguarding the country and combating internal criminal activity.

“The effort to arrest the suspicious crime shows that the security officers in the country and state are working diligently with commitment to combat crimes,” Digi commended.

Addressing the matter linked to the governor’s office, Digi said, the house where the suspects and machines were arrested is an unfinished building of Governor Futuyo where the suspects used to commit the alleged crime.

He acknowledged that two of the suspects are officers in the governor’s office but categorically said their crime is an individual case.

“The two suspects (William Juma Jamal and Alex Martin) arrested are officers in the office of the governor, but this incident is an individual crime that doesn’t connect to the administration of the governor’s office,” Digi clarified in the statement seen by this outlet.

The press secretary further claimed that the incident was a set-up organized by a group of people to tarnish the image of the governor and his leadership in the state.

“I call upon the security to continue with the investigation and make sure the culprit faces the law to appoint further reputation,” Futuyo’s mouthpiece urged.


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