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Arab nomads seek extended stay in Aweil amid drought

By Hou Akot Hou


Pastoralist nomads from Sudan’s Rezigat tribe, who have been staying in Aweil North County, Northern Bahr El Ghazal state, have requested an extension of their stay in the area due to a severe drought affecting their home regions.

Majok Dengdit, the secretary for the local peace committee, stated that they have held discussions with the representatives of the Rezigat nomads, who have asked for an extension.

Aweil North County Commissioner Kiir Chan Wol has agreed to the request but emphasized the need to be vigilant regarding farming activities, as it is the cultivation period.

“We have agreed for an extension, though it is out of the previous agreements that have been made with them. One of the articles stipulated that they have to move when the rainfall starts, but that time has already passed,” said Majok.

While acknowledging the ongoing conflict and difficulties faced by the Sudanese people, Majok urged the nomads to cooperate with the host community.

However, some locals in Aweil North are not pleased with the decision to extend the nomads’ stay.

Athian Deng Athian, a local farmer, expressed concerns that the nomads’ cattle will eat up their crops.

“We have asked the farmers to never accept what the commissioner and the peace committee have agreed with the nomads, as their cattle will eat up our farms,” Athian said.

“These cattle of the nomads eat a lot of vegetation, and they are even going to destroy our crops, as it is the farming season. It is never a good idea to allow them to stay longer,” he added.

There have been previous agreements signed between the Rezigat, Misseriya, and Dinka Malual communities, but some critics argue that these agreements have become null and void due to the ongoing issues related to blood compensation money, which they believe has become a business for some people in power.


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