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Fresh row over ownership of Juba Stadium

By Kei Emmanuel


Juba National Stadium’s official inauguration yesterday was overshadowed by a renewed dispute over ownership.

Central Equatorial State (CES) Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Rita Dominic Jada, told media on Monday that the stadium belongs to the Juba Local Football Association (JLFA) and the state ministry, not the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA).

“We don’t have problems with any institution,” Minister Jada said.

“The stadium belongs to the State government and JLFA, not SSFA. The administration of the stadium works should be co-chaired,” she added.

This contradicts the SSFA’s position, which led to a 12-month ban on JLFA board members from participating in football activities.

Minister Jada urged both parties to collaborate and avoid division.

“The stadium is to promote talent and unity. Even if you are not a South Sudanese, you can still come and play,” she said.

Mr. Jada also highlighted the lack of sports facilities in Juba’s residential areas, attributing it to land grabs and contributing to youth crime.

“We are appealing to the state authorities to help us recover playgrounds. The majority of our youth are idle, and some have joined criminal activities,” she said.

The ownership dispute has a complex history. Initially owned by the state ministry, management was transferred to the JLFA in 2018.

However, the SSFA claims legal ownership after the JLFA transferred the land title in 2018


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