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All people are not born the same

By Ustaz Mark Bang


People need to understand what it means to be a member in either family or society, groups or government, friends or crew.

In every association, there is system, a system which everybody who has accepted to be its member must follow whether or not. Failure to adhere to the principles governing that association would definitely leads to missing its membership. To picture this, at the level of family where there are children, husband, wife and other members of the family, one has to follow what the head wants to be followed. In every society, people find it’s system as something crucial to them, yet others seem to criticize whatever the best decision other group have taken as something better for them. When the head of the family is known expert in stealing, jealousy, hatred, disunity, bribery and so on, all the others would follow the same footstep though other families condemn it they will take it as criticism not knowing all the sorts of their own making is not a good choice to be done in the society. People find it very well and extremely good with them to conspire for things that are beneficial to their groups, on one side affecting others.

This is very hard to try training those elements who have learned different ways of living although we do see it that it’s not good with them. Yes! At the other side, it’s going well with them but hated by other communities. Why is it that most people say, “all people are not born the same?” The fact is, brothers and sisters within the family may not be the same, if one of the brothers is good the other might be worse, he could be one of the people who like to steal, fight, or else hate others. For girls, one may be recklessly doing things or the other may be a good lady whether within or outside of the family.

However, the more we see wrong things happening elsewhere is the more we do our mistakes unknowingly. We need to be vigilant before uttering any word out of ourselves because we might be negatively hurt without knowing. If our government was just like a woman who is married to stay with her husband in the family, believe me, dear people, she has been definitely divorced for some reason. Look now, economy is continuing going further and further yet people continue to suffer. Most of our potential and energetic young are badly harmed by this economic turmoil beyond anything else, many are trying to have credentials and finding jobs is going to be tougher and tougher for not only those in schools but also those who have acquired good certificates. As the streets of Juba are full of graduated individuals who have survived in the hands of academic hardship and now trying their best to face the other challenge of getting a job, many were having sleepless nights with empty stomachs hoping that things might change in the future which is now becoming another mission. We all know how hard things are but put in your mind dear brother or sister that tomorrow is no better as well as we once experienced this in the past years. Thieves, looters and those who cause chaos are never believed to be born but these happen due to what a person is in himself/herself believe it or not you will one time come to understand this thing I’m saying. There are thousands and thousands of people who usually forget who they were if they happen to have had an opportunity, they keep disturbing and after having succeeded in one way or another, they begin to look down on others.

Inasmuch as their plans have been successful, they will immediately begin to talk against others forgetting who have tried their best for their success. There are many ways people try helping others, there are those who help either with the materials they have or morally, others help by words of prayers. These people after having helped you, they never expected anything in return but wish you just appreciation. Driving cars or owning a very big house doesn’t qualify you to have these forever, one needs to know there is a time, that time you will go back bare-handed to the people you have missed for years, they will forget your wrongdoing and they will forgive and try helping you in one way or another. As daylight and night never last the same thing happens. Therefore, try to view things that are unforeseen because there are circumstances that need help from others no matter what it means. There are so many ways those you may ignore might help you.

Once there was a time when Mr. Lion and Mr. Rat happened to have had very interesting story. King of the jungle was extremely hungry and as such took a rest and immediately slept in the shade of the tree, Mr. Rat came playing joyously jumping from and to where the lion was sleeping, and the rat was jumping from the lion’s stomach to down. Then intelligently, the lion grabbed the rat and said, “This time you are going to die, I must eat you now”. Mr. Rat replied saying, “Yes! You will eat me but the whole me won’t reach your stomach; I will end up in your teeth so please leave for I may help you one time”. Then Mr. Lion said, “You are too little for to help because I am strong and worst all the king of the jungle”. There the lion let it go its own way. Just after two weeks in the same place hunters set a very big net and Mr. Lion was caught, lion tried with all its strength to break and wasn’t, just in a while Mr. Rat came and told lion I will help you. There lion said how are you going to help me and you look very small. Rat said, “Wait and see what I’m going to do”. It immediately started to chew the net and just in less than an hour Mr. Lion was safe, “Mr. Said, thanks my dear friend”. They all became good friend till their end time. So, the moral of the story is, no matter how rich or strong one is never hesitated to value others for their time to help may come. “Public Staunchest Ally”

The writer of this article is a human rights activist, writer, and professional teacher.



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