Eid Al Adha boosts business

By Charles K Mark


Eid Al Adha celebrations in Juba have been a boon for local business owners, with many reporting a surge in sales and customer traffic.

Abraham Osman Abdallah, a prominent meat seller, said he saw a major increase in customers, especially from the Muslim community, during the holiday period.

“Many people have been coming to buy. Even this morning when they came from the prayers, they came straight to buy meat,” Osman said.

“We have received families of all categories, Muslims and non-Muslims. The celebration is indeed going on well.”

However, not all businesses experienced the same level of success. Komigera Younis, a customer service representative and business owner at Suk Melisia, noted that while the overall mood and atmosphere was positive, sales have not been as robust as in previous years.

“The vibes are so far so good, people have very high and positive moods and attitudes, but the sales are not that much. People do not have money,” he expressed with concern.

The Muslim community in Juba has found this year’s Eid Al Adha celebrations to be particularly meaningful, attributing the positive atmosphere to the presence of stability and security in the country.

Nasiruddin Modi, a returnee from studying pharmaceuticals in Morocco, shared his joy at being able to celebrate the holiday with his family and neighbors after seven years abroad.

“It was difficult without family. But this time I can celebrate with family, neighbors and seeing children playing. I also started working in a company, so I feel this year’s celebration is a blessing,” Modi said.

Moses Machar, a lawyer who recently converted to Islam, echoed similar sentiments.

“I feel excited, and I am willing to learn more about Islam. When I got converted, I used to judge a lot. But when I joined, I learned that it is a very peaceful religion,” he stated.

Machar, however, acknowledged the challenges he faces in integrating his new faith within his family and community, but expressed his dedication to the religion and his desire to learn more.

Despite the lingering economic hardships faced the Eid Al Adha celebrations in Juba have brought a sense of unity, joy, and economic opportunity to the city.

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