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One dead, 6 wounded in cattle camp clash

By Yang Ater Yang

Clashes between cattle keepers in Alau cattle camp have left one person dead and six others wounded, according to the Lakes State Police.

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Saturday, Police Spokesman Major Elijah Mabor Makuac explained that the altercation began when two young men quarreled in the cattle camp.

He said that one of the young men, allegedly laid an ambush and attacked the other when he went to look to a lost cow. The two, eventually engaged in a physical fight, using sticks.

“When other people intervened to stop them from fighting, he went further. He resisted and followed that person and he really used the stick to beat the victim,” Makuac said. “Immediately, the victim applied the weapon (gun), he shot and in response he was shot, leading to his death.”

The police spokesman stated that the fighting continued, resulting in six other people sustaining injuries.

The government dispatched security forces to the area to arrest the situation and bring it under control.

According to Makuac, one suspect was immediately arrested at the cattle camp, while another who had fled was apprehended later that night.

“The two sections who fought each other were a few individuals from Pan Gop sub-clan of Duor section and Pan Nyar section,” Makuac said.

The police spokesperson urged the people of Lakes State to avoid using illicit weapons and instead use sticks for self-defence when attacked.

“But, don’t use the rifle or gun. You use the sticks, otherwise, if you use the stick automatically you will kill a person and that’s a crime,” he emphasized.


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