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The end of good news is that your problems are not unique

The good news is that you are fine, and the bad news is that life is not going to treat you with kid gloves.

Life does not care whether you are weak or strong. It does not even care if you are rich or poor. It treats people equally. You must get something that gives you some headache and find the joy in managing the pain that comes with it.

Sometimes, you may be at the bottom weighed down by overwhelming circumstances. You can be at the edge of fear and hopelessness begins to shake you violently when the world around you is just staring at you without answers. A lot of questions will begin to invade your mind and you start to feel bitter about yourself.

The first question you will probably ask is: when will my breakthroughs happen? And the second one would be: when will this pain end? And that would be followed by another shocking question. God, did you just create me to collect my tears or was my creation by mere chance? I want to be happy again. I want to enjoy life like other people and achieve my set goals no matter what their sizes. These questions will again follow. Well, God is not a magician that we can merely seek to reward us without any work done.

God wants us to accept that every problem is a part of human growth and must be confronted head on. There is nowhere on this earth where we will ever make it in life without problems. When we are faced with a lot of challenges that we cannot handle, we have to be grateful because it shows that God is at work, and he loves us too. When problems hit you hard, don’t think God hates you or he is mad at you, you should be overjoyed that he is testing you even in the most difficult times.

Problems come not to destroy us but to build us and that is when they are properly approached. They are our daily assignments, and we get rewarded based on how we performed. When life is treating you unfairly, don’t cry but you try to prove it wrong. We need to enjoy the process. It is never easy but that is where our purpose lies.

When you are not solving any problem, you are not human enough and you are not truly living, and your humanity must be rebuked. You need something to make you cry.

It is through problems that we discover we are truly living. No matter how weak we are. No matter how many times we have tripped and fallen. We do not exist by accident or by chance. We are here for a purpose and regardless of whatever kind of challenge surrounding our life, there is a sense in which we should be grateful for ourselves and what we have or possibly who we are. Your life may be meaningless to you or other people around you but not God. If it were meaningless, you would have been dead by now.

We are not abandoned; we have someone who is willing to correct our mistakes when we go wrong. We have a loving person who is willing to listen to us when the world seems to be against us. And we have someone who is willing to wipe our tears when we cry and lift us up when we fall. That person is God.

We need to cling unto him when the world around us has proved itself cruel to us. Whatever situation you may find yourself in. Whether pain, disappointment or divorce. Surrender it to God and wait patiently for his response.

You may not have parents and your friends or relatives may not like you. Perhaps they want you to fail. You may not be on good terms with your spouse for one reason or another. And you could be a young girl or man who wants to achieve something in life, but you are worried because darkness besets where you are heading. All these are hard to deal with when we are alone in the fight, but we must give them to God and expect the best from every unpromising situation.

Some people are on their knees right now beseeching God for change in their life, but things are not working out well and they are almost at the verge of conceding defeat but dear if you are at the point of giving up. I must tell you; this is the time you should be strong because something is coming. Your struggle is about to yield fruit. Don’t try to hit that give up button because the fact that you are not yet dead is a blessing itself and it means you had better days ahead.

We need to have hope and confidence that one day it will be over, and we will finally find ourselves in the place we have always envisaged. When I mention this, you may wonder what I mean. But I am meaning hope.

Don’t look at your present situation and conclude that things will never change. Things are not always right, and we must be acquainted with that fact. Life is a series of events some of which are heartbreaking and heart soothing too. And all these things had their different seasons.

When you are sad now, it is true that there will come a time in your life when you will be happy. When you are poor there will also come a time when you will get what you want. We need to fall in love with patience. It is not easy to wait in the storm, but patience pays, and it is all that we have at these challenging times. You may not have someone to run to for help, but the truth is that you will get through it with grace.




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