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Futuyo sets measures for work hours

By Bosco Bush


Governor of Western Equatoria State, Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba has issued stringent measure on time management during work hours.

The governor bans social gatherings and sale of alcohol during work hours, a move meant to boost agricultural productivity in the rainy season.

Futuyo’s press secretary, Alex Digi reports that games such as dominoes, cards, and mancala (mungula) are also prohibited in the entire state.

The ban also extends to the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages from Monday to Friday during regular work hours.

“Governor spoke about the ban on social gatherings. The reason is there are a lot of youth who are always loitering on the street playing dominoes, cards, mungula and the rest of the games. Not only playing dominoes, the governor also banned drinks during working hours until evening from Monday to Friday,” Digi told this outlet.

The governor has directed the police to enforce the order and apprehend those found violating the directive.

Western Equatoria State is known for its agricultural potential, with a favourable climate and fertile soil.

However, many residents rely on traditional farming methods due to a lack of resources and support.

Digi stated that the government is working with partners to provide seeds and tools to farmers in the state.

The state government is also encouraging citizens to engage in agriculture to mitigate the ongoing economic crisis in the country.

The move by the Western Equatoria State government aims to optimize the utilization of the rainy season by encouraging residents to focus on agricultural activities rather than social gatherings and alcohol consumption during work hours.


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