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Let’s work for peace, unity- Jadalla

By Bida Elly David


In a message to Muslim community during Eid-Al-Adha celebrations, governor of Central Equatoria State, Augustino Jadalla calls on citizens to work towards peace and unity as the country grapples with an economic crisis.

The governor acknowledged the difficulties faced by South Sudanese but expressed optimism that the government, both at the state and national levels, is working to resolve the situation.

“We all know the challenges people are going through in meeting their daily basic needs,” Jadallah said in a statement seen by this outlet.

Jadalla emphasized that living in peace and harmony are the cornerstones of economic growth and stability.

“Let us remember that we are one people and continue to encourage one another to contribute to peace and unity amongst us. This will eventually usher our state and country into the great nation that we are all proud of,” he said.

Furthermore, the governor stressed that the celebration of Eid-Al-Adha, which commemorates the prophet Ibrahim’s act of faith and obedience to Allah, should serve as a unifying force for the people of South Sudan.

He called for amnesty and forgiveness, urging citizens to celebrate the day with joy, love, and care for one another.

Eid Al-Adha also known as the festival of sacrifice is celebrated in the remembrance of prophet Ibrahim’s act of faith and obedience to Allah according to the Holy Scriptures and Islamic faith.

“Allah was pleased with prophet Ibrahim because he did not hesitate to sacrifice his son Ismail.”

Jadalla’s message comes at a critical time as the country continues to grapple with economic challenges brought on by various factors, including COVID-19 pandemic and security situation.


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