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Onyoti directs ban on plastic bags

By Charles K Mark


National Minister of Livestock and Fisheries has directed Juba City Council to reinstate a ban on importation of plastic bags, to tackle pollution.

Onyoti Adigo Nyikwech issued the directive on Tuesday, during the launch of an IGAD Blue Economy Project on protection of water bodies against plastic waste.

The minister instructed Mayor Flora Gabriel Modi to issue an ultimatum of one to two-months to end use of plastic bags.

The time serves to dispose off existing stock of plastic bags before the ban takes effect.

“That is why we are directing now the mayor to see to it that she has to move with her team to the shops to inspect all the plastic bags they have and give them a deadline, and also make sure that no other plastic enters the country,” Onyoti said.

The minister stated that South Sudan has alternative materials, such as traditional Gufa bags, that can be used instead of plastic bags.

“If you are South Sudanese, you should know by now that we have people who are making bags (Gufa) that can be used to package or carry things. We should encourage their markets also,” Onyoti suggested.

In response, Juba City Mayor Flora Gabriel Modi urged all local councils to enhance public awareness about waste management.

She assured that the city council will issue strict orders and impose fines on those who violate the plastic bag ban.

“We are going to make orders. And we are also going to fine people who keep on dumping waste,” the mayor warned.

Mayor Modi called on all citizens within Juba City to take the initiative seriously and support the minister’s efforts to combat plastic pollution.

The renewed push to ban plastic bag imports is yet another effort to stop plastic pollution.

In 2018, the government banned the importation and use of plastic bags across the country.

This was aimed to address the environmental challenges posed by plastic waste and promote sustainable waste management practices.


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