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Aweil Hospital lacks rabies vaccines

By Hou Akot Hou


Health officials in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State have raised concerns over the lack of vaccines to tackle the rising cases of people bitten by rabid dogs.

According to Luka Lual Aleu Jok, the health education focal point, Aweil Civil Hospital has recorded 29 confirmed cases of people, both adults and minors, who have fallen sick from dog bites since the middle of May.

“We have received nearly 30 individuals. The confirmed number is 29 since May 25 who have turned patients of the dog bites. And we are more incapacitated in the hospital to help them whenever they appear for help,” said Lual.

Lual said they have been coordinating with health partners, such as the World Health Organization, to obtain the necessary anti-rabies vaccines, but their efforts have been in vain so far.

He emphasized the need for vigilance when walking, both at night and during the day, as many stray dogs without owners are causing issues in the community.

Lual urged people to seek medication or vaccines from pharmacies, as the hospital is currently unable to provide them.

“Many people should seek medication or vaccines in the pharmacies as many partners whom we gave the proposals to give us the vaccines are not positively responding to our call, so better seek from pharmacists,” he noted.

He acknowledged the financial burden on families, as the course of rabies vaccines can be expensive. However, he said they have no other alternative at the moment.

Deng Atem Achuil, a local pharmacist, stated that they are working to save the lives of rabid patients, but their efforts are sometimes misunderstood as profiteering.

Dog bites can be fatal if the dog is unvaccinated.

Dog owners have been urged to vaccinate their pets and obtain certificates to present whenever their dogs interact with strangers.



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