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Four killed, 21 injured in separate incidents

By Yang Ater Yang


A communal fight among youth at Alual-dol cattle camp has left three people dead and two others wounded in Rumbek Central County.

According to Lakes State Police Spokesperson, Major Elijah Mabor Makuac, the incident occurred on Wednesday.

He said a conflict erupted between young men from the Tiak and Bhoor sections of the Malek Payam.

Maj. Makuac stated that the fighting broke out as the Bhoor youth were migrating from Awai to the Alual-adol cattle camp.

According to the police spokesperson, the exact cause of the conflict is still under investigation.

“This fighting led to the killings of 3 people, and 2 others sustained gunshot wounds on both sides,” Major Makuac said. “The intervention was done to calm down the security situation.”

In a separate incident, one person was killed, and 19 others were injured in a road accident along the Malek road in Rumbek Central County.

Major Makuac explained that the accident occurred when a Land Cruiser pickup transporting over 25 security personnel overturned on their way to the cattle camp.

“Among these 19, 2 were in a very serious critical condition, and all the victims were evacuated back to Rumbek State Hospital for treatment,” he said.

Dr. Terran Madit Terran, the Medical Director of Rumbek State Hospital, confirmed that the hospital received the casualties from the road accident and provided immediate medical attention.

“We had 3 serious cases of injuries. Immediately, we worked on them, and one of these 3 came out from the dangerous zone, and we remained with 2,” Dr. Terran said.

“They operated these 2 people, and this morning, they are doing well, better than yesterday.”

The police spokesperson stated that the security situation in the area has returned to normal and that investigations are ongoing to identify the perpetrators and the underlying causes of the communal fight.


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