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One killed, 2 injured in cattle raid

By Rehan Ajuet Moun


A deadly cattle raid in Twic County, Warrap state has left one person dead, and two others wounded, according to the Twic County Commissioner’s office.

Mr. Santo Ngong Deng, the Office Manager of the Twic County Commissioner, reported that the incident occurred on Tuesday at around 7:31 PM in Apirin village of Ayien Amiol boma, Turalei payam.

“Armed men carried out cattle raiding and drove away a large herd of cattle, which is said to be 1,587 cows according to the reports from area elders,” Mr. Deng told No.1 Citizen daily Newspaper.

Residents of Apirin village said that the armed youth from Twic County and the cattle owners are still pursuing the culprits in the swampy area in an attempt to recover the stolen livestock.

This incident is the latest in a series of cattle raids in Twic County, which are believed to be carried out by armed men from Mayom County in Unity State.

Last week, a similar attack occurred in Abaping in Majok Noon Boma of Aweng payam, where armed men from the same area raided cattle in five cattle camps.

However, the youth from Majok Noon were able to recover the cattle after a six-hour operation, which resulted in three Twic youth being injured and the loss of several cows.

“The government is working hard to sit with the government of Unity State to carry out a solution to stop the cattle raiding between the sisterly communities of Twic County and Mayom County,” Mr. Deng added.

The latest incident has once again highlighted the ongoing tensions and conflicts over cattle ownership and grazing rights in the state, which have often led to deadly clashes between neighbouring communities.


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