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World refugee day witnesses over 120 million forcibly displaced

By Kidega Livingstone


United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres has revealed that the global number of forcibly displaced people has surpassed 120 million, including 43.5 million refugees.

“From Sudan to Ukraine, from the Middle East to Myanmar to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and beyond, conflict, climate chaos, and upheaval are forcing record numbers of people from their homes and fueling profound human suffering,” Guterres said in his message on World Refugee Day observed on June 20, 2024.

The UN chief stressed the need for global solidarity and support to help refugees rebuild their lives with dignity, underscoring that they should be given the opportunity to make significant contributions to their host communities.

“Refugees need access to equal opportunities and to jobs, housing, and healthcare. Young refugees need quality education to achieve their dreams, and generous host countries, mostly low- or middle-income countries, need the support and resources to fully include refugees in societies and economies,” Guterres said.

The Secretary-General called for a reaffirmation of the world’s collective responsibility in assisting and welcoming refugees, upholding their human rights, including the right to seek asylum, and safeguarding the integrity of the refugee protection regime.

Guterres also emphasized the need to resolve conflicts so that those forced from their communities can return home safely.

Last year, the UN boss stated that more than 100 million people living in countries rocked by conflict, persecution, hunger, and climate chaos have been forced to flee their homes, requiring much stronger political will to make peace for refugees to return.



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