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UDF drowns in inheritance wrangle

By Bosco Bush


Members of United Democratic Front (UDF) are embroiled in a leadership wrangles, disentangling the party into pieces.

The disintegration, which emanated over inheritance of the party throne after demise of the founding father, Peter Abdulrahaman Sule, has seen individuals claiming legitimacy.

At the helm of the party leadership contest were Sebastian Uchan Kiech, Bona Deng and Moses Pieny Deng.

However, on August 28, 2023, Hon. Sebastian Uchan Kiech resigned from being UDF Chairperson and member, citing lack of unity and loss of party mission.

A month later, Kiech reportedly joined the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM).

Meanwhile, Moses Pieny Deng, the Acting Chairperson of UDF splinter group accuses Hon. Bona Deng of imposing himself and registered as the party leader, behind the legitimate chairperson.

Mr. Pieny, on 21 June 2024 petitioned the Political Parties Council citing a number of irregularities and illegalities.

According Pieny, the act does not align with registration requirements of the Political Parties Act 2012 (As Amended 2023),

“Hon. Bona Deng is the leader of a group that did not carry out the convention after independence of South Sudan in 2015 and it is deemed illegal to have illegal people in the UDF leadership,” the letter stated

The letter further noted that UDF is among the Political Parties National Alliance under the Other Political Parties (OPP) group, whereas, Bona Deng is a member of “Individual Agenda”

The letter petition called for the PPC Chair to revoke the validation of Bona Deng chairmanship and rather, acknowledge Moses Pieny Deng as the party’s leader.

“Therefore, the order of 22nd May, 2024 by the Political Parties Council under your able leadership surprised us as the name of Hon. Bona Deng appeared as the leader of UDF in the order which we deemed it illegal, corrupted and bias procedures and it should be adjusted and replaced with Hon. Moses Pieny Deng.”

Earlier on, Pieny suggested for a dialogue and reunion with Bona’s group so that they can move forward with the Party’s activities coherently.

However, Bona Deng the Chairman of the other faction stated that they have fully complied with all the legal procedures required for the successful registration of their Party.

He dismissed the complaints from the opposing faction as “baseless claims” that the Party cannot adhere to.

On May 22, 2024, Political Parties Council released and gazetted a list of thirteen new registered and eligible political parties, among which was UDF.

In the list availed by the PPC, Bona Deng was listed as the leader of the party.

Attempts to reach the Chairperson of Political Parties Council for a response were only met with a text message reply, “I’ll call you later,” which call never happened.




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