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Payam administrator, 9 others killed in Ruweng

By Yien Gatuor


At least ten people have been killed, including Payam Administrator, in Ruweng administrative area, on Saturday.

The incident at Panakuach payam of Aliny county occurred after 42 cows were handed to over to authority of Rubkonta county in Unity State, an official said.

Over 2400 cattle were raided and five people injured by armed youth from Ruweng administrative areas, last week.

Rubkonta County commissioner, James Element Juol Dardor confirmed the incidence to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, on Saturday.

According to the commissioner, one person and three others were injured on Saturday in a fighting between Ruweng armed youth and Rubkonta youth.

He said that the fighting occurred at 4 :20 PM when authorities in Ruweng Administrative Area return 42 cattle to the owner.

“Armed youth from Aliny county started shooting at the youth from Rubkonta who came to receive the cattle that were raided last week,” the commissioner said.

On the other side, Rubkonta armed youth recorded one death with three injuries, while the wounded are under treatment at Bentiu hospital, Dardor said.

Ruweng administrative area’s Acting Minister of Information and Communication, James Matiok confirmed the killing of the Payam administrator with 8   others.

He said that several other people are still missing from Panakuach payam under Aliny county of Ruweng administrative area.

“The fighting that occurred yesterday was very sad to us as government of Ruweng administrative Area,” Dardor said.

He termed the action of the youth after Ruweng Administrative Area leadership handed-over raided cattle to the owners, as unfortunate.

“After they received the 42 cattle, they opened gunfire to Payam Headquarter in Aliny county,” the Acting minister lamented.

However, the Acting minister expressed dismay, pointing fingers at Rubkonta County commissioner for leading a rowdy group of the armed youth.

“The commissioner of Rubkonta involved in the incident of yesterday. the commissioner himself is the one who attack the payam because the armed youth from Rubkonta are attacking the civilian and he didn’t advise them,” he added.

According to the Acting minister, bodies of the nine people killed during the clash in Panakuach were not burial by Press time, due to security in the payam.





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