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Lawmaker demands summoning minister over minor’s shooting.

By Kei Emmanuel Duku


National member of Parliament (MP) expressed outrage on the assembly floor, on Monday, following shooting of a 12-year-old boy by an army officer, in Juba.

The incident at Midan Jamus playground in Munuki residential area, has reignited concerns over the misuse of firearms by some military personnel.

Hon. Juol Nhomngek, representing Cueibet County of Lake State called for the summoning of the Minister of Interior along with other security leaders to giver explanation on the matter.

“This boy was killed by a group of soldiers,” Nhomngek stated.

“They are even untrained! I urge the Speaker to summon the Ministers of Interior and Defence to explain how these individuals are recruited and why unauthorized personnel have armed guards at home?” he demanded.

Nhomngek emphasized the government’s responsibility to ensure citizen safety and hold perpetrators accountable. He warned of potential retaliation if justice is not served.

“We are following up on this case,” he stressed. “Our inaction will be misconstrued by the people. They will take the law into their own hands if they believe we are not doing our jobs.”

The MP cited Article 53(1) of the South Sudan Constitution, which mandates the national government to protect lives and property. He declared his intention to introduce a motion before Parliament within the week to address this critical issue.

Speaker Rt. Hon. Jemma Nunu Kumba acknowledged Nhomngek’s initiative and advised the lawmaker to tender a motion to the house.

“Since you are already writing a motion, we will be waiting for that,” the speaker stressed.



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