I would not mistreat foreigners. I believe you agree with me that you are not doing very well in dealing with foreigners. Foreigners are human beings like you and I. Why should you mistreat them as if animals, even animals must not be mistreated?

See how you take big money from them just because you say they are foreigners. I wasn’t really happy that day at the airport when you yelled at that white man. You took that big money from him. I interacted with that white man in the flight and he told me they came as a team from England to help our government. Why should you mishandle someone who has come to be kind to us?  Is it wise to forget your grandparents?

White people made us who we are today. Even those other foreign countries contributed towards our liberation.  Also, do you forget our culture? According to our good culture, strangers come with blessings. They are instead respected. People celebrate having them in the city.

I just don’t feel good seeing them being mistreated. You borrow their money, and you don’t return just because you think in your mind that they are foreigners. You rent your house so highly to them just because they are foreigners. You sell things so highly to them just because they are foreigners. You talk so rudely to them. You run after them all over the city. You rob their belongings. You do that and that to them only because they are foreigners. I just term it selfishness.

You used to go to their countries. Do you expect them to treat you the same? Do they chase you all over the city because you don’t belong to their country? This is so bad with human beings. They want to be shown kindness but they don’t want to show kindness. I also believe that wrong foreigners come to us because the good ones are scared to come to be mistreated. But those wrong ones are not scared of anything. They have the experience of surviving in such situations. I just wish I were you; I would change my life today and treat foreigners with respect.

I wouldn’t only change my behaviour towards foreigners; I would be kind to myself. It is a great thing to be kind to one-self. It is what most people don’t get right. Try loving people; you will know what it means to be kind to yourself. Love to others is love to oneself. The one who hates is hurt more than the one who is hated. It is love that makes you happy. Trying forgiving others also and you will practically learn what kindness to oneself means.

You murder your heart when you make it a home for the things you can’t let go. Your heart needs peace. Peace can’t live with someone who can’t forgive. The decision to forgive is wisdom. Only the wise take such a decision.  To forgive simply means to accept that you yourself need peace. It means you admit anyone can go wrong. If I know I can go wrong sometimes, why can’t I also admit that others can go wrong? You must not also forget that doing wrong is natural. Mistakes are natural as forgiveness is natural. When you forgive, you get your freedom. Freedom comes from within. Sometimes we blame others thinking it is them to give us freedom. You have the devil in your heart and you think you should be free? Kill the devil inside and the devil outside will run away. The devil inside is what you hold in your heart. Do you want to murder that devil, forgive everyone and live free! Loving others and forgiving them is the greatest kindness I think you should do to yourself. Have you seen why I wish I were you?

I would fight anger! Anger consumes like hell! Anger is worse than any worse thing in life! It has destroyed generations. They died in 2013, just because of anger. They died again in 2016, just because of the anger of some men. Lives are lost each day. It is only because of anger. People continue to have funerals only because of anger. I know you are not aware of the dangers of anger. You think it is an emotion which lives with you. You think anger makes a human being. You think People respect you because you can easily lose temper. You cannot smile completely. Your eyes are just red every day. Your mouth is just closed, keeping anger in your heart. I know it is not you alone. So many people claim the same thing. They marry anger thinking she is a good woman. How can she be a good woman? She does not ask from the neighbour. She does not give water to the neighbour. She does not forgive anyone. She does not cook for the family. She does not share with anyone. She does not comfort others. She does not live with others. She does not listen to any advice. You have seen the list is long. Can’t you testify that she is the worst woman? I must also inform you that anger eats you inside. It makes you go mad. It makes you lose direction. It makes you live a lion. It reduces your lifespan. If I were you, I would never live with it again. I would instead live with peace in my life. I would change my mind-set. It can’t make me a human being as many assume. Love makes me a human being does not anger. If I were you.

I would fight laziness! I know you don’t call it laziness. Maybe you have the wrong definition of it. You sit all the time under that tree doing nothing. It is laziness. The shade of that tree is for rest. How do you rest if you don’t work? God worked and He rested. But you, you don’t work. It means you don’t deserve it. You join those friends of yours and talk from morning to evening and you say you are not lazy. You think I am insulting. I just know the right word to say. Dreamers sleep for less than 7 hours each night. Dreamless ones sleep for seven or eight hours. You sleep for ten hours. Tell me your category. Sleeping too much makes one poor. It is not really bad to sleep. Sleeping makes one healthy. But sleeping too makes one unhealthy. If you sit all day doing nothing and you sleep all night doing nothing, which time do you have to work? Which time do you have to read a book? Which time do you have to plan? Which time is there for you to write even a text message? Laziness is a bad friend. It will deceive you that you will do what you want to do tomorrow. You will keep procrastinating till you get to your grave. Laziness will tell you there is much time left. Now is the only time you have. Tomorrow is never yours. Be lazy now and be assured your future is unpredictable. If I were you.

I would value everyone. I am not happy with how you deal with people. Human beings deserve natural respect. We don’t respect people because of their titles. You are not wise if you respect people because of their possessions. You are not right to respect that guy because of his job. He/she is a member of parliament, you respect him/her. He/she is a professor; you think he/she deserves your respect. He/she is fat and that makes you respect him/her. But I don’t think you understand the law of nature. Whether someone is a man or woman, girl or boy, rich or poor, big or small, fat or slim, dirty or clean, healthy or unhealthy, wise or fool, clever or dull, paired or impaired or any other aspect of division, he/she has right for respect.  I just advise that you change that life. It won’t give you anything good, please. Learn to accept people the way they are. People don’t make sense because of what they do but because of who they are. What you do is temporary but who you are is permanent. What we term wisdom lies in understanding the reality of human existence. We can have a beautiful world if we can respect humans just because they are humans.

I hope you got me right. You must be convinced that I have the points. I have been waiting for a time like this to inform you about it. It can’t be fair if I stay quiet without telling you. That will mean I am selfish.  As a fellow human being, I have the responsibility to take care of you. God can condemn me if I watch you going wrong. I just advise that you take my points seriously. It is love that makes me write an article for you each week. It is my duty to do it for you. I am proud I love to do it for free. BE KIND TO THE NATION


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