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UNCERTAINTY Soars over 2024 elections

By William Madouk


A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the conduct of general elections in 2024, according to Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission.

Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission’s Interim chairperson, Maj-Gen Charles Tai Gituai, is in dilemma over the exercise.

Gituai exhibited his doubts openly while speaking at the 36th plenary meeting of the RJMEC, on Thursday.

“I therefore take note that, very little clarity exists regarding the position of the Reconstituted Government of National Unity (RTGoNU) and Parties over the conduct of elections as scheduled in December this year,” he said.

RJMEC interim chair cited that the critical election-related tasks remain outstanding, but he is optimistic inter-party dialogue outcomes would be out soon.

He recommended a “continue sustained inter-party dialogue in a collegial manner, build consensus amongst the Parties and the stakeholders on the way forward on elections.”

Gen Gituai urged the parties to 2018 peace deal to provide regular updates to the public on the progress of the inter-party dialogue.

“I am aware that the High-Level Standing Committee of the Parties on the Implementation of the R- ARCSS have been meeting. We look forward to RTGoNU’s update on this matter,” Gituai noted.

According to him, RJMEC requested the Parties in March to engage in a dialogue and reach consensus as polls nears day by day.

“With less than six months to the elections as per the roadmap, time is fast running out and a number of critical election related tasks remain pending,” Gituai remarked.

“There are reports that the National Elections Commission (NEC) has made some progress with regards to the reconstitution of the State Elections High Committees,’ he continued.

RJMEC also called on the government of national unity to continue to avail the requisite resources and logistics to the Agreement institutions and mechanisms to enable them discharge their mandates.

Although the National Election Commission (NEC) maintained its readiness to conduct the elections at the end of the transitional period amid challenges of goodwill and funding.

The chairperson of the NEC, Abednego Akok said political parties will have to decide whether or not to hold an election in December 2024 as the mandate of the commission is to implement the election laws.

He added that the political parties would also discuss the type of election they intend to have although the agreement only covered general elections.

However, party leaders remain divided on holding elections without preconditions, while others call for political parties to dialogue ahead of the polls.

Months ago, the majority of political party leaders are reportedly engaged in a dialogue to determine the fate ahead of elections, however, little is known over what they have reached.


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