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By Ustaz Mark Bang


Whether we live indoors or outdoors, the universe is unfavorable, whether we call conferences or World Summits to cease environmental degradation, universe is unfavorable, whether stopping scientific discoveries, advancement in technological development, exploiting natural resources, atomic evolution, wars and conflicts, and emission of toxic gases, universe is unfavorable.

The environment has undergone significant changes between the past and the present. One noticeable difference is the increase in global temperatures, leading to more frequent and severe weather events such as hurricanes, heatwaves, and wildfires. Additionally, there has been a greater awareness of environmental issues and a push for sustainability and conservation efforts. Industrialization and urbanization have also led to increased pollution and habitat destruction in many parts of the world.

Efforts to address these challenges include the development of renewable energy sources, conservation initiatives, and international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

There are many, so many differences between our environment then and now. Most of the differences are negative, but some might call them a necessary evil. The point they try to make is that humans would be ages behind without industrialization. But I can’t entirely agree. Global warming, which is the increase in the temperature of the earth, is one of the most significant changes in the world.

There is a video game called Civilization VI. In this game, you rule a civilization and compete with other civilizations in terms of science, faith, military, culture and engineering. It carries you through a timeline from the ancient man that had only basic tools to the twenty-first century. The point is, in this game, if you play right, you could circumvent the adverse effects of industrialization, which is global warming, by taking steps such as an early investment in clean energy and new investment in carbon recapturing.

Another difference is human encroachment on animal habitats. We have fewer trees, fewer natural habitats for animals, fewer animals, and a larger human pollution. We have greatly affected plant life also with fires and new diseases. There are plenty of differences, and most of them are bad differences.

I am always astonished when reading news, many of the top stories from CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC Worlds or Africa and our local news are terrible, since all that happens encompasses tragedies, atrocities and insurgencies.

Things to do with rapping, killing, banditry, and theft are taken normal. When we’re young it was very hard to hear, for even three to four years, things to do with theft, rapping and banditry, simply because vast majority of our youth were self-employed.

People go on preparatory works like clearing bushes in March before rain comes, so that farming commences immediately and this makes everyone busy. Rains are now hard to fall early, just like before and this happens due to global climatic change.

We are currently at risk and I know the generation coming after us will be in more danger because resources have been exhausted, environment degraded and worst of all, cultural diversities are lost.

In conclusion, there were far fewer people on the planet back then, and smaller scale industries, both conditions developing much less pollution than today. The pollution produced then was enormous in comparison with the size of the population but it was well then within the capability of nature to consume and make it safe. Now that there are way too many of us on our planet, we are committing mass suicide by constantly exceeding nature’s ability to compost waste and consume gaseous effluent. We cannot turn this around.

By now we are all dashing for the good life before resources and atmosphere turn noxious. I am in the golden years of my life so I am lucky, but today’s children will slowly suffocate and become poisoned.

Our inevitable extinction is the only result possible. A terrible way to die but the accountants will not have it any other way. Profit before life, and luxury beyond quality every time. We are still doing it. Public Staunchest Ally “

The writer of this article is a Human Right Activist, writer and a professional teacher.


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