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Welcome back to everyday life in the wild

Today we are going to take a walk through the streets of the forest. Let us assume it is early morning and everyone is awake.

If you don’t wake up very early in the morning, something will do it on your behalf.  If it is not hunger, it could be another hungry animal in need of something to eat.  It is one of the two, it is either you are someone’s dinner or someone is your lunch.

The forest has its rules and you must follow them like your life depends on it if you really want to live to see another day.  Not all who follow these rules live that long, some are forced to leave early, leaving behind a number of things, unaccomplished dreams and kids. Pray that it doesn’t come early so that you take your kids through it.

Some kids leave earlier than their parents. A mama giraffe cannot save a newborn baby and her life at once. She must run and leave her kid because she will give birth again, if it happens that she is killed, she finds peace, in death that is unknown to the living.  Life in the wild is about living hard but you still choose to get through it with both joy and a grateful heart.  Be thankful if you are still alive because you never know those lives that were cut short. You could be next; maybe you just have to run faster than your enemy. Life is too short to always be sad.

Every single day you get is enough to make you happy and if your life really sucks, to a point where you don’t see anything good, maybe you should pay attention to changes in your body, the re-growth of a new fingernail is enough to make you happy. There are people whose fingers or hands were cut but you have yours. Appreciate all the good, the bad and even the ugly. Enjoy before it is no more.

Welcome back to life in the wild. It is almost like yesterday and nothing changes. You meet animals who have got more than enough and who want more than what they have.

Every day, big animals wake up to chase little animals for one reason, to eat them. Some kill for fun and if the little animals are lucky, they rap them with impunity and send them to bed sobbing inconsolably.  There is this zebra. His life was a hardscrabble story of survival on the rough streets of the jungle, clawing up his way to recovery after one of his limbs was broken; he was killed the other day. He was never killed for food. It was just for fun.  The wealthy ones, I mean the big ones like the lion would just waste food because they have enough.

The zebra never saw this coming. He has always known that a day like this would come one day (just like it would come for other animals) but he has never imagined that it would be so soon and worse, from a lion that did it for fun.

He tried to fight back.  But of course, his trial was never good enough. His throat was locked and that was the beginning of his end, poor one. He has wanted to start a family; a dream he has built since childhood. He even has a girlfriend, he regrets not telling her that he loved her and because he has never been loved as a child, he wanted to love his children. It is just a dream shattered; maybe we call it a chapter closed.

Success here in the forest is something different.  Every little achievement, even living to see another day is a success and should be celebrated.  Most animals don’t live that long.  They were supposed to live longer than this but they are not in charge, other animals decide how long they live.

Every animal lives hard and for other animals who are fine, they make it harder for the weaker ones.  It is a crime to dream of a better or average life; you must not enjoy anything if you are a part of the weaker population. You must suffer, really hard and it should be every day. The other group of animals, I mean the ones on the safer side, have no time to be happy to enjoy all that they have made from years of weakening their members because they want more. They will want more and more and more and many more. They will never stop wanting more. Peace.



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