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Every dog has its day

It may look like you have conquered the world, but you have not. Even if you have conquered the world, you cannot conquer it forever. You conquer the world today and someone else conquers it tomorrow.

That is why it is advisable that when the world is under your conquest, make it a peaceful place for people. If you don’t, the same treatment comes to you when the world is under the conquest of someone you once mistreated.

There is time for everything. There is time to laugh at others and there is time to be laughed at There is time to ignore and there is time to be ignored. There is time to be begged and there is time for you to beg. There is time to enjoy and there is time to be sad.

There is time to laugh and there is time to cry. There is time to exile someone and there is time for someone to exile you. There is time to walk on a red carpet and there is time to walk on the bare soil. There is time to lead and there is time to be led.

Do not think you are everything. Do not think your leadership is everlasting. Do not overlook, feel proud, harass, dictate, corrupt, suppress, disrespect, kill, or do anything that harms humanity and changes the excellent course of your leadership. When it is your time to lead, lead with just, honesty, fairness, wisdom, and respect.

If you do not do it that way, you may receive the same treatment by the time you are led. It does not kill a leader to be humble. It does not kill a leader to forgive. It does not kill a leader to serve and allow others to serve as well. Even if a leader has committed atrocities, allowing others to take over can soothe the country’s heart to forgive him/her.

There is time to be rich and there is time to be poor. When you have wealth, do not assume you will never be poor again. Remember wealth that lasts long is that wealth which is prayed for by the people you have helped. Your own prayers are not enough to keep your wealth from escaping. If you do not help people or you help people with pride, your wealth is going to disappear like a needle.

You know how a needle disappears? Just like that. No one says I saw it going this way. It disappears without a trace. Do not overlook the poor. Do not enslave the poor. Make them become rich through your wealth. If all this cannot make your wealth long lasting, then the good things you have done to people when you were a rich person will now get back to you.

If we ourselves come and go, then what are our belongings to remain on earth forever? If we ourselves outlive our lives, then what are our titles and positions to remain on earth forever? Lead with just so that you be led with just. Pay attention to people so that you are paid attention to. Do good so that good can be done to you when you are out of power.

Nobody is buried with a position. Even when a president dies in power, the body is buried and the position remains on earth with open arms, waiting for another leader to take it.

You may think you are everything, but that is not the case. The world is rotational. As it rotates, it rotates you to the darker side. Then people who were on the darker side were rotated to the brighter side. For those who do “eye for an eye”, you will have your eye chopped off in retaliation for what you have done. But for those who revenge by doing good things, you will regret more.

Late Robert Mugabe said, treat your towel with care. You may not know the part you use for cleansing your ass today may be the same part you will use for cleansing your face tomorrow. If every dog has its day, it means everyone has a chance to succeed in life.

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