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Former World Bank Manager calls for Public Finance reforms

By Rehan Ajuet Moun


Outgoing World Bank’s Country Manager for South Sudan Mr. Firas Raad has called on the government to implement public finance management reforms as essential steps towards boosting resilience.

He made this remark after visiting First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar. During the meeting, Mr. Raad introduced the newly appointed World Bank Group Country Manager, Mr. Charles Undeland, to the FVP.

Speaking after the meeting, he implemented the public Finance Management reforms will also improve public trust and achieve economic growth and development.

Mr. Raad, expressed his gratitude to FVP Machar and the Government of South Sudan for their cooperation and support during his tenure in the country.

Mr. Charles Undeland, the new World Bank Group Country Manager, stated that, they reviewed the current World Bank projects and cooperation agreements with South Sudan.

The two sides also exchanged views on how to improve the partnership to enhance economic growth and service delivery for the population.

Mr. Undeland pledged the World Bank’s continued commitment to helping South Sudan improve its economic situation, enabling the country to achieve its long-term development aspirations.

The transition of World Bank leadership in South Sudan comes at a crucial time, as the country grapples with the challenges of economic recovery and development.

As South Sudan steers the path towards stability and prosperity, the collaboration between the government and the World Bank Group will be instrumental in addressing the nation’s developmental needs and improving the lives of its citizens.


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