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Minister pledges creating conducive trade environment

By Kidega Livingstone


The newly appointed Minister of Trade and Industry, Amb. Joseph Moum Majak has promised to improve the economy through increased trade and industrial development.

Speaking during his welcome ceremony yesterday, Minister Moum outlined his vision and priorities for the ministry.

“I have not come to this ministry to create my own wealth, but to stand for President Salva Kiir Mayardit,” Moum said. “Collectively, I will be working with the institutions attached to the Ministry of Trade and Industry to improve the economy for a prosperous South Sudan.”

Moum emphasized that his main focus will be on creating a conducive environment for trade and industry, enabling South Sudan to produce and export its own products.

He pledged to work closely with his staff, describing them as the “pillars of this ministry.”

“Teamwork will be our priority, and I will be working with all the staff because they are the pillars of this ministry by sharing and hearing from them.”

For his part, Kuorwel Kuai Kuorwel, the Chairperson of the South Sudan National Bureau of Standards, expressed his office’s commitment to closely collaborate with the ministry.

He said the Bureau will increase public and private sector engagement in regional and international standard-setting activities to support the ministry’s efforts.

“I am confident that under your guidance and leadership, the Ministry will pursue effective ways to address the challenges the South Sudan National Bureau of Standards is currently facing and reform the institutions and their rules so that trade delivers growth and better livelihoods for our citizens,” Kuorwel said.

However, the Deputy Mayor for Physical Infrastructure, Tiik Tiik Mayardit, urged the new minister to combat corruption within the ministry.

He advised Moum to provide adequate incentives to his staff to prevent them from misusing public funds collected at markets and border points.

This comes as South Sudan’s economy continues to struggle, with the South Sudanese pound weakening against the US dollar.

President Salva Kiir had also called on the minister to empower local traders to achieve economic stability

Speaking during his swearing-in on Monday Kiir urged the Minister to diligently strive towards empowering local traders.

In February 2024, the Chairperson of the National Chamber of Commerce, Ladu Lukak Losidik, directly blamed the government for the nation’s economic woes, citing issues such as inadequate infrastructure and unreliable electricity supply.

As the new minister takes office, his ability to address these challenges and promote sustainable trade and industrial development will be vital in reviving the country’s economy and improving the livelihoods of the people.


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