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Three killed in Gogrial East County

By Hou Akot Hou


Three people have reportedly been shot dead by unknown assailants, last weekend at Akuach village in Mangol Apuk payam in Gogrial East County of Warrap State.

Mangol Apuk Payam administrator, David Atem Matuop identified the deceases as Diing Ajak Diing, Deng Ayiet Deng and Achuil Bol Ater, while three others were wounded.

Atem said the serial killer shot at the victims as they were going to fish in the river and the other person was sleeping with his cattle.

“The incident happened on Saturday when the three men were travelling to a pond where some fishermen get fish and on the way to the river they were shot and two died on the spot,” he said.

“The other man was shot at 11:00 and they shot two men while in the cattle camp and the other three were shot in the chest and they are being nursed,” he continued.

Matuop implores the public not to move anyhow as some assailants act ruthlessly in order to do revenge killings in Warrap state.

Most of the deaths have been occurring in parts of Warrap due to cattle looting and revenge killing. This is despite efforts from the government to disarm the violent youth.

Communal fighting has been caused by disputes over resources such as pastures and water points and other people do revenge killings due to the death of their loved ones that occurred with their neighbours such as Unity and Lakes States.


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