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GESS commences cash transfers

By Bosco Bush


The Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS) has announced the commencement of providing cash transfers to school girls throughout the country for the calendar year 2024.

Cash transfers are direct payments intended to encourage students to enroll and remain in school by alleviating financial barriers to education.

These transfers are particularly important for girls, as they continue to encounter numerous obstacles to education, including early and forced marriage, as well as limited access to menstrual health products.

In a press statement to the media, on Thursday, July 4, 2024, the GESS program for 2024 only targets girls in upper classes (Primary Seven – Senior Four), and girls in the Accelerated Learning Program (levels 3 and 4).

They have also included boys with special needs (disability) from Primary Seven – Senior Four, and those in the Accelerated Learning Program from Level Three and Four.

“This year, girls in classes Primary 7 to Senior 4 will receive a cash transfer, as well as girls in the Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) levels 3 and 4. For the first time ever, boys who have been identified as having a disability in classes Primary 7 to Senior 4 and learners with disabilities in ALP levels 3 and 4, will be validated to receive a cash transfer,” it stated.

According to Kobi Bentley, Development Director, British Embassy Juba, girls and young people with disabilities are disproportionately excluded from education in South Sudan and thus, their inclusion in this program would enable them to learn and acquire the knowledge that would help them realize their potentials.

“Girls and young people with disabilities are disproportionately excluded from education in South Sudan. The cash transfers provided under the GESS help make it easier for these children to enroll in – and to stay in – school and benefit from an education,” he said.

GESS said it has implemented various measures to ensure that eligible learners receive funds through a streamlined process.

“Upon enrolment through our mobile app, each eligible learner will receive a unique learner ID.”

“This ID is included on their individual Cash Transfer Enrolment Form (CTEF), issued during validation. To qualify for payment later in the year, learners must have matching unique learner IDs on both the CTEF and the payment list.”

Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to ensure their child’s participation in the validation process and to keep the white copy of the CTEF safe at home until payment starts.

It is important to note that without the Cash Transfer Enrolment Form, learners will not receive their payment.

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