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No more extension, we need elections

By Steady Ayuen


For more than a decade since independence, the desire for a democratic government became everyone’s dream in South Sudan.

Youth, civil society and vulnerable population of South Sudan apprehend elections as the turning point for a democratic nation where the rule of law must prevail. Elections are of utmost benefit in any democratic country as they provide an opportunity for citizens to exercise their right to vote and choose their representatives but in South Sudan they are useless obstacles thrown at citizens in the name of peace.

Why would South Sudan need extension? Will extension stop the current economic downfall? Let’s cogitate before any decision is brought to book. There are mothers whose lives are subjected to unrest due to a lack of food or basic needs for their families. Who is to be held accountable for vulnerable innocent lives lost to starvation and malnutrition? The government must be chosen by the people, run by them and belong to them. Most of the people in South Sudan including mothers and children are eagerly awaiting the elections to choose leaders meant to bring change transparency and accountability.

The Top Level Mediation Committee for South Sudan (Tumaini Initiative) should speculate, act and bring change rather than extension of this transitional period.

The necessity for Elections is to provide citizen the freedom of choice and right to vote for leaders who are capable of pushing this country forward rather than pulling it down. The progress shown by the Tumaini Initiative shouldn’t mean the downfall of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCISS) neither should it be the need for eight vice-presidents in South Sudan but it must be the dawn of elections.

The government should also consider the opinions of the majority who are facing economic crisis as a result of corruption and food insecurity.

I strongly urge the government to consider dialogue and proposals for elections as it will promote fairness, and equality, allowing citizens to participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives directly or indirectly. We are tired of public resources being exploited and used by the few, we need to choose leaders by ourselves.


The writer is a Peace Activist, Pan-Africanist and an author.

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