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Why the haves rob the have-nots

The richest, mostly, those who made their money on the backs of the poorest don’t really care about lifting those at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

They want to perpetuate conditions that make people poorer so that they can stay atop it all.  The world is too big for every human being to live in but too small for everyone to thrive in it.

The haves, men, who have been blessed and made richer by years of wars that they themselves started, believe that they deserve the good part of life and the rest, the masses that they lead should perish and go straight to hell. They think that they will go to heaven with all their riches. Greed and hatred are all that they serve.

The young people have been forced to believe that they will not amount to anything if they didn’t come from a well to-do family. One time back, we bumped into each other accidentally with a certain young boy, he looked straight into my eyes and something within me froze. In his mind, he would have been right if he had thought I had gone days without eating or else something must have been eating me alive. A thin creature like me, he pitied me but I would have been the one to do that.

Before he could open his mouth to speak, the dark clouds had gathered in my naked eyes and already my tears were falling. I know they say young men don’t cry, yeah they do but they don’t do it with a sound.

This child told me his father had told him before he was brutally killed, kids like him were the future leaders, he boasted how he couldn’t wait to be the leader in this looted cabin and be the guy who buys the coffin for his grandfather when he dies.

Something struck me to sanity when he asked me if god would put back oil in the mines to be exploited by future leaders. I finally got my premature weeping justified and I wondered too.

If the youths are the future leaders, how will they make their lives better without oil when our current leaders have not exploited this wasted asset to better our country? They have exploited this mineral not for the well-being of the people but for the destruction of a common man.

It must be true that most leaders of Africa and their families become rich by robbing their countries. Santos, who ruled Angola for close to 40 years, strategically positioned his children to ensure that they rob enough for themselves.

Take, for example, his daughter (whose name I cannot remember) who is said to have a net worth of $ 2 billion to her. What business is she doing and where did she get that handsome money? How else can she explain her wealth other than robbing her country?

The President of Angola who worked under Santos knows how. So he has swung into action to recover the loot from the girl. When he will do the same to Santos himself and other members of his family could be a matter of time. In other parts of the continent, something is always wrong here. The rich, mostly politicians, are getting richer while the poor burn in inescapable flames of poverty.

Goodness, the rest of Africa is learning how to handle her thieves or robbers. The good thing is that their loot is on Mother Earth and in an increasingly globalizing world manifesting as an increasingly diminishing but cooperative global village.

The whole village can strategically move to dispossess the thieves or robbers. That should be the next stage in global civilization: to rid itself of thieving rulers and their thieving relatives and associates. But who will do that in a world where the powerful use guns to protect the stolen wealth?

We will ask God for this. If success is realized, many resources would be released to improve global education, health and agriculture in general and specifically in the robbed countries.



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