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Life is two things in one

By Steady Ayuen


Everything in this world is in pairs; when you choose to do good to yourself and the people around you, it will surely turn around.

As an American proverb states, “What goes around comes around.” Nobody has ever lived life to the fullest because we do unpleasant things to ruin our lives and become the rubbish dumps of the city in the name of good “fame.”

In this world, there are more pairs that necessitate your critical thinking before making a choice. Life and death are pairs; when you choose life, you opt for success, and death for the monster abyss leading to everlasting failure. Not just, but remember there is success and failure, the two good pairs that will never celebrate together. You need success to overcome and rule the world and failure to learn from it.

Remember, luck is not by chance, nor is chance by luck. Life will never reveal its two parts unless you are ready to learn and lean. Every day we wake up hoping to have our daily bread; however, at times we fail to score our daily goals; that’s also how life is. A little funny and at intervals worrying; that’s why it’s Sunday tomorrow, Monday; that’s all life.

We need to apprehend why things are happening in a way we don’t expect. It doesn’t mean our failure to meet the expectations; however, it’s due to the fact that the world is ruled by two things. When you break up with your lifemate or lose a job at a time, think about how you got them in the first place. We can’t control how the world works because of its two parts: a day must be good, and the following may be a bad day. That’s the only reason we have enemies and friends.

Friends are there to make positive vibes with you, and enemies on the other edge are trying their best to destroy your vibes. That’s life—two things in one.

To defend yourself in this world of two is by taking the good side of the world and leaving the rest to others.

The author is a pan-Africanist, author, and peace activist.

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