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SSOMA firm on lean gov’t demand

By No. 1 Citizen


South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance (SSOMA) parties have firmly reiterated their demand for a lean government in South Sudan, stating that the country’s current bloated administration is unaffordable given the country’s bankrupt status.

In a statement, SSOMA made it clear that the proposal for a streamlined government remains a non-negotiable position.

“We have not conceded on the demand for a lean government because the country is bankrupt, and the people of South Sudan cannot afford this bloated government. Hence, the lean government proposal is not a thing of the past; it remains on the table,” the statement added.

“We also want to categorically state that the Tumaini Initiative is not about the implementation of the R-ARCSS, but rather about agreeing on a Rescue Plan to avoid the disintegration and descent of South Sudan into chaos.”

The opposition parties vowed that they would not sign an agreement that allows the parties to the R-ARCSS to extend their time in office without fulfilling their promises to serve the people.

“Therefore, we categorically state that the Protocol on Inclusive Governance and Responsibility Sharing would be the last agenda item to be discussed.”

The parties urge President Salva Kiir in particular, to exercise leadership and cease unilateral actions that undermine the peace negotiations.

The statement comes after the National Minister of Information, Michael Makuei, had previously dismissed the opposition’s demands as mere “negotiating positions” that are no longer relevant.

Makuei told journalists that there are no plans to restructure key government institutions such as the cabinet, parliament, and the presidency.

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