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Kiir opens PPC headquarters

By No. 1 Citizen


President Salva Kiir Mayardit officially opened the headquarters of the Political Parties Council (PPC), marking an important step in the country’s transition towards a multiparty system.

“This is a big step in the history of our multi-party system in our country,” he said.

“It will provide a civic and political space for people to register and actively participate in the political affairs of the nation, in compliance with the law.”

Kiir encouraged all interested groups, including youth, women, and traditional leaders, to actively engage in the political party processes.

He stressed the need for reconciliation and forgiveness, stating, “now people will have to bury their differences and then go in for peaceful resolutions of any conflict.”

The President also expressed his desire to move away from the country’s unruly past, saying, “We are tired of war. And any war after this is not to our interest. Including the person who will initiate war. You don’t benefit from it.”

Kiir acknowledged the sacrifices made during the liberation war, noting that the fact that they are alive is not due to cowardice, but rather the grace of God.

He urged the people to return to their places of work and come together for a better future.

For his part, the chairperson of the PPC James Akol Zakayo said,”the opening of this complex marks the start of a crucial process to establish a democratic society in South Sudan.”

The opening of the PPC headquarters represents a significant step towards a more inclusive and democratic political landscape in South Sudan.


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