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She does not underrate herself. She knows she has value. She is sure of her potential. She does not talk like some other women who say, “I am just a woman. What can I do?”

That is how those women talk. Who told them that they are just women? Who creates one’s value? Your value comes from yourself. No one will ever give you value. Such women should also know that the there is no worse enemy in life than a negative mind. They are killed by their low self- esteem. What makes a person is what a person says to himself or herself. If you say you are stupid you remain stupid. If you say you are poor, you remain poor. Saying to yourself you are useless makes you remain useless. Whether on earth or in heaven it is you putting value to yourself. If you don’t know, any other human rather than yourself is the enemy of your true worth. Take care. Be like that woman who never underrates herself. That is your freedom.

Such a woman never interprets human right as disrespect! There is a big war in the society today. Many women bring enmity between the culture and human right. Human right is not against our true culture. It does not say women should disrespect. Respect is natural as human right is natural. Human right campaign is after the promotion of human dignity. You don’t respect your husband because you say human right says it. May be people should know what respect means. Respect means understanding someone. And to understand someone needs humility. By nature women are tasked with humility before their husbands and men are tasked with love to their wives.  You must not also misunderstand humility to be idiotic submission. No! Humility does not mean you bring yourself to nothing. It is never nothingness! It means you are able to give a listening heart to someone. That is what respect means. I remain in the level with you but I am able to listen to you and treat you with the best kindness ever. The woman worth praise knows respect is the sermon of human right.

I like this woman! She never takes marriage as her job! If any young girl would wish for the man she would like to be her husband, she will say, “A man who has money.”  For many women living in the 21st century, a handsome man is a rich man and an ugly man is a poor man.  A woman will divorce her man when he becomes broke. I don’t believe being broke means being poor. A young girl will never date a poor boy. Approaching a girl for marriage, the first question is, “Where do you work?”  Many women take marriage as an employment. She has a university certificate she can’t look for a job because her man earns a lot of dollars. She does not care doing business because the man provides. Do you forget, women? Women in those years could not work. Marriage was perceived differently as we do today. A woman was married just man. She was to do anything the man wanted. It was their reason of staying without working. Men were the providers. But it is not the same story in the 21st century.

The success of human right lies in understanding that you are not employed by marriage. A true man is defined by his character. Such a man will work very hard to provide for his family but he will never rate his value because of the money he has. Such a man also will never marry his wife to stay home. Many uncivilized men keep their wives at home even with PhD. They have fear of losing their wives to other men at the work place. They don’t understand true women. A woman with value is not for any man. She can share a bed with a man but if that man is never her husband, you will never give sex to that man. Some men are also stupid. They think every woman is for sex. They misinterpret the kindness of women. Women are social beings. They can smile to you. They can laugh with you. But all those don’t mean romance. She means to communicate her love, the true love which is unconditional. But many men don’t understand that unconditional love. They will think the woman is ready to offer them sex.

As a man, keeping your wife at home without allowing her to work is a human abuse. Imagine all the time she had taken studying. Imagine all the money spent on her. I know you bring your frustration of paying too much money to have her. You think you have bought her. You think she means to be your robot. No, my fellow man, work is human right. Work is also a lifestyle. You are happy when you work. You have your natural freedom when you work.  If your fear is losing your wife to other men at the work place, it tells me you don’t trust your wife. It means she doesn’t love you. Maybe it is your money keeping her in your home. You know the time she gets money; she will run away from you.  Oh, did she marry you because of your money?

Also know this; you never keep a woman away from other men by locking her in your room. A woman was once impregnated through a window. A woman can find who she loves anywhere. If she doesn’t have access to the outside, you will make use of the inside. A girl was once impregnated by her own father. Many girls have also been impregnated by their own brothers. Do you think you can stop a woman from other men by not allowing her to work?  Think twice.

Likewise note this about the woman worth praise! She does not take her anger and quarrels with her husband to her children. Disagreements and quarrels are normal in any family. But a woman who is not well informed will take any quarrels with her husband to her children. You will see her insulting anybody in the family. She will beat the children with a very big stick. Children are innocent of a woman’s disagreement with her husband. A wise woman will never take her anger to children or other people in the family. She will instead finish it with her husband. The children will never know about. According some writers, couples are advised to discuss their differences in their bedroom without children knowing about it. They must never quarrel before their children. They must never put angry face on themselves. Any woman who doesn’t take her anger to her children is worthy to be praised.

That is not enough about a woman worth praise! Despite her education and work, she does not ignore home duties. This is the struggle of any educated woman. Many who have gone to school claim that they are too official to work at home. Some say that they are now free since they can provide for the family.  Literally, women who don’t work are perceived to be the ones doing home chores. Education or work does not stop a wise woman from doing her work at home. A true woman is defined by what she does at home. House work is not a punishment. It is a pleasure instead. I know very many great women who cook and wash even though they have big national and international responsibilities.

Also be reminded that house work is a lifestyle and home identity.  A woman is termed beautiful because of the house work. Imagine, if she doesn’t do any work at home, what will her children imitate? A girl was brought up in such a way that she wasn’t educated about house work. Her parents focused on her formal education and ignored the informal education. She finished her education and time came for her marriage. She got married to well off South Sudanese man. Seven days after the wedding, the woman was asked by her husband to start working at home. Unfortunately, she had no idea about work at home. She could sweep, mop, wash or cook! She instead presented her certificate to her husband and said that she was too educated to do the work of an illiterate woman.  Without any further delay, the man called the mother of the lady to take and teach her about house wife before she could come back and his wife again.

See such a woman. She forgot that house work is education alone. Just knowing how to read and write doesn’t qualify someone to be an educated person. True education takes both formal and informal dimensions. Some people also think money can do everything for them. It is true money can do a lot of things. But people should know that there is what money cannot do. Children raised in rich families are even lazy to take food to the mouth or to answer a natural call in the restroom (toilet).

You think you are a woman worth praise; think about the above and be kind to yourself today. I love you for South Sudan.



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