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No implementase; an enzyme which catalyses the process of implementation

Hundreds of thousands of decisions have been made to fix South Sudan. Every time, leaders meet to decide on what to do to see South Sudan stable, with how to put an end to war being the top problem to prioritise. This is because war is the cause of the disease from which South Sudan is suffering.

The best decision was to sign an agreement with the warring parties; an agreement they later named a Revitalised Peace Agreement. While implementing the agreement, the economy of South Sudan keeps deteriorating from bad to worse, forcing leaders to make up their minds to produce the best solution to control the economic crisis. Indeed, many solutions have been proposed and set to apply.

It begins with the appointment of experts in economics to make sure the efforts they exert can have substances in them. So far, no improvement is recorded because of lack of implementation.

Corruption has been singled out as the problem facing South Sudan. So, leaders agreed that corrupt individuals must be brought to book, tried and punished in accordance with the law. Day in, day out, many individuals are seen acquiring public property and none of them is brought to book, tried and punished according to the law as agreed because of lack of implementation.

Education has been declared free in the country, with teachers agreeing to be given their salaries on a monthly basis. It is nine months now without the salaries, making many schools underperforming. This is because of lack of implementation.

Natives working in oil companies are underpaid, but foreigners are highly paid. A policy for the uniformity of the salaries was tabled, discussed and passed. But because of lack of implementation, natives are still underpaid.

It was agreed that a new capital city, Ramciel, be built and Juba is left as an industrial city, with almost everything for it being availed. But because of lack of implementation, not even foundations are being dug in the dreamt capital city, Ramciel, now.

Above all, even the revitalised peace agreement is not getting implemented as per time allotted to it. This is because leaders have no sense of nationalism in them. They are serving themselves and that, they do not care about bringing total peace to South Sudan as long as war does not affect them much.

What is lacking in South Sudan is a will to implement what has been agreed to be done. Everything deliberated on for the betterment of South Sudan, whether by the presidency or parliament, is deliberated on for the sake of deliberation. Once decisions are made, they are thrown into the dustbin. No one implements them. No one takes an action. There are no now-action leaders in South Sudan.

What is implemented immediately is a decision on theft. Any decision on the fiscal budget gets implemented as urgent as possible. But any decision on the welfare of the citizens is not implemented or takes longer time to get implemented.

Leaders of South Sudan lack of an enzyme called “implementase”. Implementase is an enzyme which catalyses the process of implementation. It makes sure every decision made is implemented as soon as possible. The cure for such a metabolic condition is known as “implementose”; a supplement which functionalizes and boosts leaders’ will to implement their decisions. It is an over-the-counter medicine, meaning it does not require a prescription. I urge the leaders to buy it so that they can be able to implement every decision they make for the betterment of South Sudan.

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