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MTN say it plans to improve communication despite challenges

BY Adia Charity

MTN Mobile Network Operator in South Sudan, has said it is planning to expand service provision to the people of South Sudan despite ongoing problems affecting their operation in the Country.

The Chief Executive Officer for MTN South Sudan Gordian Kyomukama told journalists in Juba on Tuesday 11th February 2020, that there is a need for citizens of South Sudan to be informed about the various problems and changes that are going on within the system.

Gordian said that despite the challenges facing the network, MTN is working hard to ensure restoration and expansion of services nearer to the people.

He said that some of the expansion strategies include, modernization and expansion of transmission in some States like Kapoeta, Bentiu, Reng, among others.

In another development, Mr. Gordian said that they doing their best to even uplift the 3G mostly in remote areas as their main target by evaluating the modern technology of today.

When journalists ask what MTN network is doing to move from 2G to other grades and how the end users of the network can be safe on their conversations, he responded that there is a lot of security institutions in the country each tasked with different agenda and it is not their responsibility as a sole proprietor in monitoring the network.

Mr. Steven James Hakim who is the manager, stakeholder and dispute enterprise support service, said that there are double taxes imposed on the network and that it has been the major problem facing the network.

Steven added that despite all the challenges, they are putting a lot of efforts to make conversations easy and also offering other services like SMS bundles.