Why SPLM-IO have Objection on National Dialogue

SPLM-IO Chairman Dr. Riak Machar while living in South Africa declined to meet the National Dialogue (ND) Committee headed by Co-Chair of the Committee for first and second time in a row. The first visit by committee to South Africa it failed, claimed Dr. Machar not ready for that meeting, the National Dialogue team from Juba to South Africa by then was received by Cyril Ramaphosa, due to no access to meet IO Chairman, Cyril was called to intervene to convince Dr. Riak , it was night hour that Cyril met him, convinced Machar to meet ND team all in vain, Dr. Riak told Cypril by then a Vice President of South Africa that he rejected the National dialogue for the reason that Military confrontation in South Sudan must stop first before the dialogue move ahead.

Now IO is in Juba and Military Confrontations have stopped, Dr. Machar need to give voice on National Dialogue, this month Co-Chair Angelo Beda met Dr. Machar in Juba where he stay after his appointment as First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan to congratulate him on the appointment, otherwise grassroots consultation that ND did in States will go ahead to prepare constitution of the nation, laws, types of governance and issue of boundaries.     

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